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I'm finally alive again!!

Before you endeavour to read any of my stories, here's some information about what i like to write about on fictionpress:

1. I like happy endings

2. I like the presence of more substance in a romance story than just romance (such as growth or realisations of some truths in life)

3. I live on cliches. Yes - no matter what, no matter how original you try to be, someone has done it before you. If you're the true original, you're a genius.

4. I'm into music. Music is part of my life and thus it's part of my character's lives too. I always write with music and am influenced by it to how i write. As you will/would have realised, a lot of my stories are focussed on music in one way or another

5. I'm into the best friend guys as being the soul mates. Yes - they are usually hot too (both inside and out) :P Or a hate relationship between the girl and guy ending with love

6. I write how i feel and what i know, hence i try to make characters as real and relatable as possible

7. i like pretty things

8. When i start a story i like, i will finish it really quickly (if i've lost passion about it, i may take awhile to revamp or never finish it)

9. I like all my characters to be different

10. I write what i want to read in a story

I hope you enjoy any story on this fictionpress site, although i highly advise that you avoid reading the stories i have written earlier in my life. As many writers of ficpress and even off will tell you, after every story, a writer grows and learns so much more about writing stories and about themselves. So too, i have changed and so has my style of writing - for the better, i hope - and so i'd highly advise you stick to my most recent stories.

Story statuses:

NEW: Inhibitions: Suds of Love

Olivia Bell and Reed Richards used to be best friends. They also used to be the only poor scholarship holders in the prestigous Kingsford Academy.

When an accident happens and Olivia loses both her parents, Reed disappears as well. Bitter and alone, Olivia must reconstruct her life from whatever shards she has left.

FIVE YEARS LATER and Olivia's working in an upper-class restaurant as a waitress. Little does she expect to meet Reed there with his girlfriend...except he's not Reed Richards anymore.

This new story will involve past secrets, the evils of money and an uncontrollable attraction that both thought could never exist.

This story was written with aspects that i love from stories and dramas. It's one of those cliches that include rich, hot guys, best friends, makeovers, love-hate relationships, misunderstandings and twists that we all love to dream about.

The story will be written from both Olivia and Reed's perspectives, and will include flashbacks.

Please read and review - would love to hear what you think! I'm quite excited about this one as well, as hopefully, it will be a good one =)

Vraie Beaute: Currently on HIATUS. Hopefully, i'll finish it, one day. I know that people hate stories that aren't complete, but please believe me that i'll try my best to finish it when i have the time.

This story has a difference to my other stories in that i've been putting more of my heart and soul into it. The chapters are longer and more eloquent and the threads throughout the story will run more deeply as, besides love, it also explores social heirarchy, judging others and family relations. Pulled together, it not only is loosely based on Beauty and the Beast but, for me, displays the mistakes that we as humans make and the ability to overcome these not only by finding love but by finding ourselves.

Cliche, i know...but who doesn't love a good cliche that gives hope? =)

PART ONE IS COMPLETE!! I'm sorry for any who feel especially pained for the ending...i hope to make the end of part two the most blissful possible.

Less than ONE MONTH before the teaser for part two!

Apologies for any typos or gramatical errors. In order to put chapters up quick, i don't proof-read and leave it to my beta who right now is on holidays. When she comes back, i promise to fix it all up.

Please review as this story has definitely taken more work than all the rest.

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Pictures of the Carter Kids are now up!

Welcome to Reality: Beta-reading has finished (again, Stylo is utterly amazing and you should check out her wow-zer essay i have favourited) and i am now slowly putting the chapters up. Also decided to add some of Justin's perspectives, but not consecutively, but just at crucial parts to give a little inside on the Prince who we all love.

Not much more to say, except that i'll be posting each chapter about every four days. It's harder for me to write Justin's perspectives now i'm on Vraie Beaute's case, but thanks for all new readers and old.

Check out the story blog! http://

I have now made a video for it too! Check it out at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1bVpaI4ti4 - please note that they took away the music track i had with the video due to copyright (the song was Faraway by Nickleback)

Ten Random Things about Me:

1. A girl who enjoys writing from male POVs

2. Australian whose wish is to tour Scotland to see all the castles

3. Is almost not a teenager but refuses to believe it (or act like it)

4. Loves anything minty and spicey (just don't put them both together)

5. Can watch chickflicks for days on end and is not afraid to TELL THE WORLD (and one of life's ambitions is to collect as many chickflicks as possible in a DVD collection)

6. A strong believer in the greatness of God, the goodness of people and that true love does exist

7. Hates the heat, loves the cold and loves snuggling in bed, reading a book with a cup of hot peppermint tea in a hand even more

8. Adores the smell after rain but hates the smell of wet grass

9. Loves music, movies and MUSICALS EVEN MORE! Thus, without Disney, childhood would have been a lost cause (and even teenagehood...)

10. Obsessed with anything TAIWANESE including Idol Dramas, Fahrenheit, Taiwanese TEAS and Jiro Wang

Five Random Facts About Me and My Writing:

1. Loved writting poetry since could write

2. Wrote illustrated stories soon after (which are down-right weird and yet funny right now...)

3. Been writing original fantasy stories since the age of 12

4. Discovered fictionpress at 13 and discovered the beauty of writing chicklit romance

5. Completed a Creative Writing subject in uni and hopes to further mature in writing ability

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