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Phoebe: I just realized something. Joker is poker with a j... coincidence?
Chandler: Hey, that's "joincidence"... with a c.

Hello! Welcome to the holy Personal Profile of Joker is Poker with a J.

lol! oki'm just kidding...ok well here's a bit bout me!!

Name: Emily

Hair Color:Chestnut

Eye Color: Hazel

Height:5'0 (so ok i'm short)


Screen Name: JokerisPokerwj (thats on AOL, yahoo, and MSN)

Drinking right now: i was drinking Root Beer :(

Fav. Drink: Mountain Dr. Pepper...gosh this is hard...

Doing at this moment: Writing my Personal Profile DUH!!

Thinking right now: 'What am i thinking?'

Hobbies: Writing (wouldn't be on here if i didn't) Reading (same comment) swimming listening to music going to see movies and concerts going to camp and bossing around the kids...(hehehehe... What? the kids love me!)

Craziest thing ever done: Ummm... where to begin?...Became a minister time three of my friends were on a ride and i screamed 'hey you guys' and people looked at me and i was like 'not you!' And there was that time i wore a halloween Costume three months before Halloween! soo...yeah...

bestest friend in the whole wide world: No comment (my friends might beat me up...)

Fav. food: who doesn't like Arby's curly fries... (so u don't i'll hunt u down adn roast you chickens...don't say u don't have chickens EVERYONE has chickens...)

Pets: wow um...(c=cat d=dog) Bob (c) Shadow (c) Little one (c) Tiger Lily (c) Evee(c) Cara (d) Lacey (d) Dave (turtle) Daisy Chris and Adam (all fishes)

Music: Volatile (Bros band their gunna be famous one day) My Chemical Romance Korm Papa Roach Hawthorne Heights Bowling for soup umm a bit of a brain block...moving on...

Favorite saying: I'm allergic to stupid people. (i am)

ok all i can think of right i should have a storie soon so check that out in a few days!! CYA!!!

///~Joker is Poker with a J~///

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