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Both: FANART!!! ^^ We's gots fanart from Kyande!!! Please check it out a picture of Haru

...And a picture of Kitaka and Haru. :3

Kiwi: Hey everyone! I'm Kiwi and I'm 14! *points up* your more than welcome to email me at this account. Also, please check out the stories in me favs. There's some good stuff there.

Zeth: And I'm her brother, and I'm 17!We'll be sharing this account and writing stories. WE'll let ya know who wrote what, so ya don't get too confused *gives kiwi a hickey on her neck*

Kiwi: Gross! Cut that out!!! ( Anyways, we've finally started a story! go us! Also, I do have a FF9 ficcy on Fanfiction.net, called As Long As We Remember if ya wanna check that out here.

Zeth: sniff...kiwi won't let me on that account. But at least I get to share this one with her.

kiwi: which reminds me, get your own account! (ahem) anyways, before this starts resembling a chatroom, chiao!

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