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Beyond the Golden Country

Summary: Ashley Harlow thought she had an ideal family life with good friends but that all changes when her parents move to from their home in rural Vinewood to Bayridge, Vermont without givng Ashley a real explaination other than, "It's for your father." Ashley is infurated and theirefore vows to suffer in silence through home, social and school life so that (she hopes) her parents can move back to her real home. Plus, her old friends won't talk to her. Also, the kids at SAP hate her from a distance because she not "one of them." Add an eccentric teacher who attempts to break through Ashley's shell, the dippy but well-meaningful Hattie Irving, and dreamy, cute Rick Hall. Ashley has her hands full but, when she gets wind of a terrorist plot, should she remain silent the world she loves could be blasted into smithereens.

Status: Perminent hiatus.


Never Turn Your Back on It

Summary: August 1914, Eighteen-year-old Jacob Chambers leaves his home in Dover, England for the Western Front. Everyone has been saying that it'll be a quick and easy war. Everyone, that is, except for his father and good friend Vicky Wallace. It'll take every strength that Jacob has to enable him to come home to his mother-land and, possibly, discover his one true love.

Status: In progress! Will be complete by September, dare I say it.

Length (appox): The "chapters" in this story will be writen like journal and letter entries which is how Jacob, family, and friends communicate with eachother. It's too early to tell but this story might be about15 chapters to cover all four years of WWI.

Also, if my readers desire it, I can include an epilogue explaining the fates of the surviving characters.

Notes: This is going to be my first historical fiction novel. It was origonally written for a history project but I've elaborated it some and I think it'll turn out ok. Many thanks to all my lovely reviews!

The Sea is Calm Tonight

Summary: Additional Scene from N.T.Y.B.O.I. Jacob is resting up from yet another wound to his right leg in Ypres. He's grateful for the mini-holiday from wielding a gun, but is troubled to be sharing this convalescent home with his ex-friend, Ronald Shepard. Surely, they can come to some understanding, right?

Length: One-shot.

Status: Coming soon to a computer near you!



Summary: She was fourteen and he was twenty-seven when they met. She, as a freshman in high school; he as her History teacher. Her strict family, the private school she attended, and fate wouldn't allow a relationship to form. Years later at a carnival, both of them learn how their lives are connected. And even though death parted them in this world, fate is offering them several chances . . . A story about the beauty of love, as it survives throughout the cruel irony of time.

Status: No clue, possibly Summer 2007.

Length: Too early to tell.


"The Business Man"

Summary: When her father and brother were taken away from her tiny Hungarian village, Katya Szigeti knew that doom was iniment. And sure enough, she, her mother, and countless other women and children were rounded up by the Nazis and taken to a work camp. Katya labors making matressses- and finds very little joy in her present circumstances. Until, one day- and one businessman-changes her life forever . . .

Length: One-shot.

Status: Coming in December-January 2006!

Notes: Like N.T.Y.B.O.I, "The Business Men" is taken from a school project when my class read Night by Elie Wiesel. Though I highly doubt my tale will do the Holocaust justice, I hope you'll like.

Much love,

Angelic Brunette Hermione

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The Sea is Calm Tonight
Missing from NTYBOI. WWI. Can seeking convalesce improve two Brits in regards to their health and their relationship with each other?
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