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Name: Jenn

Age: 23

State: NY

I am not very good at finishing stories, especially when I'm perpetually unsatisfied with every other scene. I try too hard to make what I write the best it can possibly be, when experience tells me that most of you really don't care. I'm going to try my best to complete Hope Lost--I hope you like it. :)

Feel Me is a re-write of a short story that I lost, but I think I did a good job recovering it from memory. I wrote it one night out of the blue and was very proud of the result. I recently "enhanced" the ending and I think I love this story. It's full of dark and dirty themes. Watch out.

Sanctum is another short story. As the summary describes, it's the "prequel" to a completed novelette I wrote some years ago. It features some twists on the Christian views of Heaven and Hell, with inspiration from Dante's Divine Comedy: Inferno. I would post the story it pairs with, but I need to do some work on it first. (Horrifically, the novelette is written in both first person and third person omniscient. I don't know why I did that but I was young and stupid.) Uh, it has demons and angels in it--no wars--if you're into that. :)

Painted Dreams is a short story I wrote as a Creative Writing assignment back in high school (some 6-7 years ago). I was given a postcard with a painting detail of a boy's face and a man's hand on his shoulder. We had to create a story from it. I liked how it turned out for the most part. There are some things that bug me, but I think it's good enough to be on here until I figure out what to change. It's about a painter's model and his daydreams--well, it's about his daydreams.

I have a couple real fantasy stories in progress--that aren't short stories. I'm pretty excited about them and I think they're going to be really fun and interesting to read. I'm waiting until I have them completed or mostly completed before I start posting chapters.

Hope Lost is my newest fantasy story. The basic idea starts out fairly cliche: Modern Earth girl thrown into another world. However, I've been working hard on this story for a while, driving it away from predictable and into something deeper and more intriguing. Because I love romance, there will be plenty of it here, but nothing too saccharine. I'm very proud of this story and where it's going, so please enjoy it and criticism is welcome. (Seriously, if it seems really typical, just have faith! I wouldn't post it if I thought it was stupid.) For those who like buzz-words, there are: mages, lots of magic, other languages, dragons (my favorite), mythical/mystical beings, and war.

Thanks for reviewing. I don't really review stories unless I feel particularly compelled, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I figure if you're writing a good story, you'll keep writing it no matter what people say.

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