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Hi there, Steamrollers Solve All. Fan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, if you couldn't tell. I'm a huge fan of Go Nagai's works, ranging from Getter Robo to Cutie Honey, along with works by Masami Kurumada. I'm currently working on the Dichotemy Trilogy, a set of stories that all tell one expansive story.

Part one, Matei Mizuki, is complete. I am currently making drabbles for it, along with a longer side-story. The story itself is meant to be a subversion of the Magic Girl genre, meant to mock and criticize every time someone is a Chosen One and the whole issue about destiny. It also was meant to be a homage towards two stories I hold in high regard, Sailor Nothing, an original fiction masterpiece, and Absence, a stellar Sailor Moon fanfic. I consider it to be a mix of Seinen and Shoujo.

Mate Mizuki: Moments Between is a collection of shorts mainly to fill in some gaps and delve into the characters. It also will help lead into Ai no Saori.

Maoh Soma is a two-shot, taking place 9 months after Mizuki. It focuses on the titular Soma Elpiz, and will be a partial deconstruction of my beloved courtroom dramas like Phoenix Wright. It's also meant to give Soma some genuine time in the center stage since he was off on the sidelines for nearly all of Matei.

Part two, Ai no Saori, takes place roughly 18 months after Mizuki, with nearly an entirely new cast and taking place in Quebec. It more has themes involving the efforts of a woman to be a mother figure, all while dealing with a dreadful and ambitious enemy. It's more a mix of Josei and Shounen. It's become somewhat of a deconstruction of WITCH (a series I happen to really dislike) and Saint Seiya (In contrast to WITCH, a series I happen to really like)

Jigoku no Keston will be a shorter side-story which starts one day after Saori finishes. It was planned to be a three-shot, but depending on how I feel about it, it could be longer or shorter. Like Soma before it, this side-story will focus specifically on Keston. It'll be a send-up of Gundam, since Keston has grown to be a twisted subversion of the Char Clone. It'll also have a bit of a homage to Melissa Norvell's fic Sacrifice... albeit also a cruel deconstruction of it (specifically Hiroshima) and aspects from Gundam SEED Destiny and the Oersted arc from Live A Live. That being said, it is intended to be a return to character-driven stories.

Part three, now officially titled Shin Minako, will have the two casts unite and tie up loose ends from each of the stories. It will chronologically start nine months after the end of Keston. Similar to the other series, the titular character, Minako Yuki, is the focus. Since she got shafted so badly in the endgame of Mizuki, this is my way of making it up to her. Stories that helped inspire it include Hades Project Zeorymer and After War Gundam X, along with the game Eversion.

Anyways, take a look and tell me what you think about them.

And earlier today (9/2/09), a friend of mine provided me a link to a nice page about advice when writing. Nobody here writing is perfect, myself included, and I can say we all have something to learn from it.


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