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I'm a big fan of the written word and putting the many stories that constantly float through my mind down on paper, or at least my computer's harddrive, is a great pleasure for me. I've been writing for quite a number of years, but have only just recently been able to write anything that anyone would want to read. My latest works, "Ruins of a Forgotten Earth" and "Servants of the Red Planet", represent years of failed stories that ended in gigantic cliched messes that were just terrible to even think about, much less actually read, and I'm the one that wrote them! Luckily I've been able to learn from my mistakes enough to put out some great material.

I've finally begun working in earnest on the culimination of several years of writing short stories and poems, "The Martian Empire Trilogy". It has quickly begun to grow beyond my original vision and is expanded into realms that I never thought it would. I always considered it to be a post-apocalyptic tale about two people who live in a ruined city on an almost empty Earth. But now, it had become a vast science fiction epic that takes my two beloved characters to the farthest reaches of the solar system and beyond.

In terms of size, it is now up to 200,000 words. My original goal was to do everything I could to get it to 75,000 words and a single "book", but now I'm convinced that I can make it past 250,000 words spanning across three complete books with the storyline I have now. To put it simply, "The Martian Empire Trilogy" will be my best story to date and I have definitely enjoyed working on it for all these years. If you have the time, and believe you'll need quite a bit of that, please give it a read through and tell me what you think. I'll take any kind of criticism, both negative and positive. My goal is to make this story as good as possibly and anything you, the reader, can do to help me will be greatly appreciated.

"Servants of the Red Planet" is completely and utterly finished. Entirely. Forever. But, yeah, I'll probably go back eventually and clean some things up, polish it a bit, and so on. It's just one of those things that you work on for years and years and years and when you finally think that it's finished, you remember something that you wanted to add or change or whatever. It's a never ending cycle really. But that's okay, I suppose.

Throughout the Fall 2008 semester, I'll mainly be focused on my college work, so updates to "Dreams of an Uncertain Future" will be fairly sparse. However, I will update when I can find the time to hammer out another chapter. Hopefully, it'll live up to my expectations, as well as yours, and be a really good book and a great end to my scifi trilogy. Thanks to all those who have stuck it out this far and kept reading my work, as humble as it is, and stick with it, guys, there's only a little bit left to go! Christmas vacation 2008 should provide me plenty of time to catch up on my writing, maybe get halfway through the third book. I can't guarantee much more than that, though.

Following the completion of "The Martian Empire Trilogy", I will begin brainstorming/working in earnest on a scifi/fantasy/horror book called "Beneath the Veil of Midnight". I've only got a few rough ideas going so far, but I see some potential in this story and I don't intend to let that go to waste. Other works that considering are "Paradigm Shift", about a world where advanced robots and humans live on the edge of a catastrophic war, and "Thomas J. Ratliff: World Traveler", about a young boy he travels the world looking for strange new lands and peoples. I've also begun work on the follow-up to "A Day in the Life of a Dark Lord" called "Gordon Lightwater Steps Out".

Works currently in progress: "Dreams of an Uncertain Future", "Gordon Lightwater Steps Out", "Beneath the Veil of Midnight", "Paradigm Shift", "Thomas J. Ratliff: World Traveler", and several short stories.

Finished stories: "Dreams of a Dying World", "From the Darkest Depths of the Unconscious", "Ruins of a Forgotten Earth", "The Box", "A Day in the Life of a Dark Lord", and "Servants of the Red Planet".

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