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yo. it's jayne here. jenifer ayrs is an anagram of my name. my mate mamby (i think he's momby on this site) gave me this site address so here i am. i'm actually in computing at the moment in monifieth high, scotland. it's ssssssssssooooooooooooo boring doing computing, i'm gonna drop it first chance i get! my friends chris, blair and rory are arguing again at the front, but it's all in fun. i'm 14, 15 in september, and currently planning a big b-day bash at mamby's, since my mum won't let me have the party at my place and mamby totally forgot about my birthday so he offered his place as substitute (seeing as his house and garden are MASSIVE i accepted). i've been writing stories since i was like six. but i'm not that great a poet, well, until my love life crashed and burned around me and i had something to write about. mamby actually wants me to help with song lyrics now for he and chris's band. not to name names, but if you read World Apart, mamby's the fourth guy. blair's the second but lets get out of that mess right now. most of my stories are really long, like my best one Eternity which is like 180 chapters so far, that's about twenty short novels. trouble is i've only written like six or seven (eep). i've based characters on my friends too, but they're all recent ones. so, benny especialy, is hounding me to hurry up and write. but i've only finished like three stories (other than Eternity) to a point where i'm happy with them, so out of the like, 60, i've started, few are publishable and i'm forever comming up with new ones. plus it's unfair how much homework i have, so there are not enough hours in the day as far as i'm concerned. i've got a bunch of poems i wanna put on, like I Still Remember and What Have I Done? but i've had a HUGE surge of essays so i've not had time to upload them. what's worse is they're on dad's computer since mine has no internet, and if he questions if It's Just A Game happened to me (which duh did not since i have a pulse)what the hell's he gonna think when he reads all these depressing love poems which HAVE happened?! oh well, bells gonna go soon. bub-bye.

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! b-day party seriously ROCKED! i must have heard iggy pop & sum41 'little know it all' like 50 times! we ordered six pizzas! we drank like seven 2 litre bottles of coke and irn-bru! there was blair, boydy, craig, andrea, mamby, me, chris, david, bryan, holly, kirsten and shonagh! well, there was a massive argument and holz, kirs & shonagh left, but it was still gr8! it was so so ssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooo fun it's unbelievable... but most things that happened would have to be censored from this site. lol. no, nothing really bad or illegal, no one got drunk and (for the most part) the clothes stayed on, 'cept for when you combine the guys with truth or dare. lollollmaolol. it was really brilliant though, best birthday ever. i got so much cool stuff from everyone too! (thanks guys) including a plastic scyth as a joke-present from the girlz (minus andrea who got me a really cool slab of flourite (a type of stone which has purple and green stripes)) a big thanks to mamby for providin the venue and the food, and thanks to ma mum for the £40 for pizza, thanks to everyone for the cards 'n' prezzies 'n' stuff, and soz u couldn't make it to rory, stuart, declan, pavel and benny.
bub-bye then! in computing again and have to do some sort of un-fun work-related thing. ciao!

Hellllllo! in computing and just had my prelim exam. had a halloween party. yes it was in october, andno i've not had time since then to type about it. well it was gr8. it was like my b-day party, only with oujiboards and wolf-spirit-invoking and dark scary woods and costumes instead of truth or dare. special thanks to craig for inventing the coat of solitude xxx (when kirsten and holly sang busted karioke we hid under a coat) whoa! bell! gotta go!

'sup my homies? ... i don't really talk like that i just always wanted to say that. at mamby's house wit him and david. mamby's bro paul has stolen his guns'n'roses cd and is playing it, not loud enough! TURN IT UP PAUL YOU WOOSIE! mamby found that funny. ah, thankyou manbi (he gave me juice). they're gonna play, eh, what are you gonna play? ... dreamcast. "yes, i have a dreamcast. no, i am not sad. yes, i play retro crap. no, i don't care." says mamby. and now he and david are disscussing games consoles :- @#£??!! we are having a 'yay-we-have-survived-credit-math-prelims' party. YES MAMBY, I SAID MATH! I DO NOT SAY MATHS! GET OVER IT! (he is now sorry). mamby: "david, you have earned the right to be kicked in the face" david: "why?" mamby: "...i don't know" oh gr8, HE HAS NUNCHUKS NOW! me and david are scared. there are too many breakable things in the room, including us and the ceiling. ok, he's on his guitar now instead. slightly safer. david: "if i yell loud enough at the guitar will the sound come out of the amp?" TTFN partaay pepolez! jjx

my dad says yes david, if you yell loud enough, you'll vibrate the strings and the sound will come out the amp. but you'd have to yell pretty loud! lol

i'm back and i'm bored! meh. prelims. i've done all my exams, but have just found out we r bk 2morz instead of thursday like i thought, WHICH IS UNFAIR!!!!!!!!! meh mehmehmehmehmehmehmehmehmehmeh! finished my poetry book, not all of it's on here yet though. writing a nu story too: Under the Black Samhain Sky. a modern witchy thriller thing. got some gr8 material lately and threw it together, gr8 material being a non-stop diet of horror films that scare even me, so it's gonnab guuud! watsup wit me?... nnnnnnnnnnothing. at all. not a sausage. lol. 'not a sausage', hee hee, i like that. oh! i have a nu 'posh' insult: "You have the i.q. and brain capacity of a lemon flavoured yoghurt." LMAO! u can just hear some posh person saying that! hahahaha! eh-hem, yes i have that much free time. not really. it came to me after a phone-conversation with my english m8 adam in dunfermline who called pavel 'a yoghurt' for not wanting to go out with me, then adding 'strawberry flavoured' after i laughed, making me laugh more, i was lmao. hee hee. better go, english essay :-( bye!

yo yo yo, merrrrrrrrry x-mas and a happy yuletide! luv jj aka.'festive ferrit'

hey. happy nu year! and erika, e-mail me paweeeez!

bbbbbbbbbbbbbblllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bbbbbbbbbboooooooooorrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg cccccccccooooooooommmmmmmmmmppppppppuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!! ddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooppppppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt ssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blah. we can't find out corse work so here i am! everyone's happy but me! i did a happiness spell for me, my m8s and fam' that should last til nightfall, but so far it's working on everyone but me. even blair is less suicidal. he's listening to... what r u listening to? static x. sucha mosher. lol. what's chris up to? ... checking web desisn companies. ok. some of us have more important stuff than others. and rory? ... me: "rory?" rory: "what?" me: "whatcha doin'?" rory: "what?" me: "what-are-you-dooooingg?" rory: "nothin'" me: "just on the internet?" rory:"what?" blair looks confused : "what?" rory to blair : "what?" rory to me : "what?" rory looking between us : "what?" ... so that answers that question. lol. mamby has a leather jacket he's v. proud of. the only thing is two other guys have like the exact same one! lol! everyone keeps smelling the jackets and going "holy crap it's real!" lol. real leather. stinx! lol. bt kl! sssooooooooooooo... 'sup? eh... i've, kinda, ran out of conversation here. so, c ya!

oh my god i'm bored! i'm in history and am supossed to be looking up stuff on Nazis. i did this last period howerver and exhausted all the sources i could find. so here i am! bored, and, bored. holly fell out with manby. i've been hearing constant bitching from the two of them :( ugh! we had a random social gathering at manby's last saturday. it consisted of me in a dress (stunning black and pink number, lol), blair in a black shirt with a white tie ;) , manby in a white shirt with a black tie, bryan in a black shirt and david and rory in white ones. throw in pizza, chinese food, internet and games and had fun. it seriously rocked. it was our best party yet!g2g, jj

hey. soz bot that, we had to move rooms. i'm in history again, i typed the above yesterday. so, let me tell you about my-mate-chris. hello chris! (he says 'mmm, flowers!') he's a vegitarian, so the flower thing is a long running joke. mamby started it. in every story we write he's like, 'mmm, flowers!' munch munch lol. unfortunatly, chris needs me to find stuff on nazi persecution of gypsies, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, so g2g. l8r ppl!

yo! in chemistry, say hi louisa! "oh, ok... hi." lol. haven'r had much time, but i just uploaded My Heart Forever. hey erika!!!!!!!!!! lol. i'v got a A TON of stuff to put on but meh, homework!!!!!!!!! lol. well, i'm happy. hav my bf mamby :) lol of about a month now. yeey. lol. c ya's l8r, luv jj!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's it, school holidays, prepare for an influx of poetry!!!!!!!!

yo everyone. maaaaaamby dumped me!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah:'( lol o/j Nah we kinda agreed on it. we just don't fancy eachother nymore. oh well! hi blair! lol. i'm at holly's, she'll kill me if i date blair (even though he's so gorgeous i DON'T CARE HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!) lol. talk to ya later!!!!!

hey there, i'm at manby's. u'll neva guess wat! holly (above) is a F-GR8 poet and on this site! check her out! bye!

HI! i've not been on in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGES! But then again i've not been depressed enough to write any poems: i'm dating the wonderful Blair, the love of my life, and i'm soooooooooooooo happy :) !!! i shall put on more stuff at some point, but i'm unsure as to when cuz i am sooooooooooooo busy! Anyway, i'll get back to you (P.S. i dropped computing! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!) c ya on the flip side! (just trying out a new goodbye... lame isn't it? i thought so) bye!

what wat with the flip side thing? bah! it's my birthday on monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16, boo-yeah! lol. i say this everytime, but i'll try and get stuff on! i'm in 5th year now and it's unbelieeeeevable work! x


and now im in 6th year. sooo many free periods :) but now i hav loads of other stuff to do, like my website and some home projects, oh well! check out my site btw: /jjferritthanks, bye for now!

check me out, i actually updated:D Haunted House is a silly lil comedy thing. it's on my site, and if you liked it, so are other ones :)

hello everybody. i'm 17 now, 18 in september, and i have my final exams in may before i hopefully go to university in september (please don't let me have to go to college!) scary stuff. but also in may is mine and blair's two year anniversary :) we're so in love and i hope we're together forever (cheese-fest i know, but lighten up). i'm wanting to go to Duncan of Jordanstone, it's an art colege attatched to Dundee university. Blair is going for a games and technology course at Abertay, which is right round the corner really so i hope we both get in where we want to. if not i'll end up at some college doing a portfoilo course in the middle of nowhere and blair will do his whole travelling the world deal til he can apply again. so, like i said, please don't let me have to go to college :( well, i may update in the summer, but i warn you, i'm very lazy :p lol ...ah what the heck, i'll update now, i got sum parodies kicking about in My Documents :)

yeah, i have to go to cellege :( but the uni want me to apply again next year so weee:) i FFIIINNNAAAALLLLYYY finished eternity chapter one. it wasn't so hard (it only took FIVE HOURS for every eight pages D:) but really i don't know why i've been putting it off for so long. i really like writing and i haven't done it in so long cuz i've been focusing on my artwork. have a look btw, http:/// eternity is on there too :) ooh! and i have a website just for eternity now, with info on characters, it's creation, and illustrations: http:///eternityseries/ i guess that's what made me move my butt and type, the website has really pushed me to get it finished. i'm also converting it to comic form, i'd like to update here and tell you when that's done but don't expect it til november when i may have a working scanner capable of scanning A3 sketchpads. for now i've planned out the first 40-50 pannels, that gets me up to when the white wolf is revealed. i'm gonna try and compress the dull bit in the middle, does anyone else think that's dull? the bit where we follow will and liam for a bit? cuz some of it's important for the next few stories, infact, it reeeally sets up nicely for a lot of future events. the will-he-won't-he? with will and cathy, liam and cleo's past, and danny and eddie come up in episodes 2 to 5. i really should type them. huh, listen to me go. last week i couldn't be bothered to even edit eternity and now i have a website suddenly i must type the next four. five hours for eight pages, darn, you won't be seeing them for a while thats for sure. but wowo look at me waffle on. visit my other websites for more info, namely the ones i told you about just now. thanks all for visiting, and remember: in-depth, harsh, soul-crushing criticism is always welcome :) ...seriously

side note- i got into uni afterall :) WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! XD check out my deviant art http:///, that's where i put most of my work into, though when i do finally get round to re-typing my stack of angsty teen poetry not yet uploaded onto the internet for the despressing of helpless strangers, believe me, you'll know about it .

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