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Author has written 2 stories for Romance, and Fantasy.

I'm not exactly new to fictionpress, just new to putting my own writing up.

I have quite a few stories, but have always been shy about them outside of my family. So I'm putting up some of my short stories to see what other people think. I'm not worried about criticism as I see it as a good thing. Though of course good things said are always better. But please do read and review. I look forward to the feedback.

I love to read manga and I love to watch anime. Silly I know, but I can't help it.

My desk is covered in writing pads, pens, cups and a few crumbs, as I spend most of my time at it. I study here, work here and play here. My computer desk is my home most of the day. But fear not I do leave my house... sometimes.

I enjoy reading other people's stories, though have not been on here for awhile due to studies. Now that I have some spare time I look forward to reading stories on here again.

'I do not suffer insanity I enjoy it' my fav quote.

Hope whoever reads my stories will enjoy them. And again please review, I like feedback, good or bad.


29th of Dec 2011: Started putting up a new story. It is a work in progress, so forgive me if putting up new chapters is slow. Usually I wait until I have completely finished a story before putting it up on here, but I decided to do it a little differently with this one. I do hope people will read it and enjoy it. Please review if you do read it, I would appreciate that greatly.


06th April 2012 - I must apologise to those reading my latest story. Due to some issues I have had to take it down. The computer I was typing it on decided last month was the perfect time to die. Because of this I am in the process of trying to find a way to recover all my stories from the hard drive. Until then I thought it best to take it down until such time I could confidently say I will be continuing it. I deeply apologies to those who were reading it. Thank you for your understanding

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