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5-16-08: I'm baaack...Man, I had no idea it had been so long. I kinda want to get into writing again, so here I go. I'm gonna work on rewriting Ame, which'll end up just being the prelude arc after all. The rest'll be written as another story, hopefully. Got a few more stories up my sleeve- just want to get some serious work on them before I start posting again.

10-6-06 : Yes...I'm still alive. I had a bit of writer's block with "Ame", so to relieve that, I did some serious work on plot development for "Phoenix". Yes, I decided that will be the actual title. The phoenix imagery is kinda overused, but it fits the plot well. I'm behind on reviews, so I'll be doing that for a while, but a new chapter of "Ame" will definitely be out at least before the end of the month.

So definitely, following the finishing up of the 'Prelude' section of "Ame", we'll see "Phoenix." Check out the expanded plotline below and look forward to it. _

Status of my stories:

The Meaning of Ame- (In progress) For 18 years, Ame has defined herself in terms of her sister Rain. But she's about to start over and try to take her life back...and try to figure out if "ame" really is just another word for "rain".

Upcoming stories (aka plot bunnies that will probably change/disappear completely as I go through the planning stages):

Glide- Plot in complete and total overhaul. The only thing that's certain is that there are three girls named Lena, Kiki, and Sumomo. And they kick ass. There's a whole lot more to it, but it needs a whole lot more tweaking.

The Warrior and the Oracle- The sequel to Glide, although it may not seem apparent at first. A princess from another world with the ability to see the future...and possibly change it. A boy searching for answers who finds a destiny beyond anything he could ever imagine. Two people with a shared destiny...and a bond that can never be broken.

The Phoenix Project- They were created for the Organization. Touted as the next step in human evolution, they were given extraordinary power and extended life...but in return, they must exist solely for the Organization. But even in the sanitized, cold walls of the Organization, in the end, the Phoenix Prototypes are heartbreakingly human.

Lion's Crest (very tentative title)- All I know is it'll be sent in the past, probably late 19th century, somewhere in Europe. The king of whatever country I decide on is holding a summit for the brightest young noblemen in the country. For the next six months, they will learn more about the history and politics that shape their country- and have the chance to ingratiate themselves with the king in order to push their family's agenda. This will involve a lot of research, as I want to involve a lot of intrigue...but I'm really writing this for the main character, who has a secret that will change the whole story...

Drifter- Set in the heart of socialite country in the Deep South, there's a lot of secrets beneath the sweet tea and debutante parties, and a mysterious newcomer finds herself in the thick of it- almost as if she had planned it.

Raspberry Lip Gloss- the sequel to Ame, in my opinion the heart of the story. Ame's adventures in college with her quirky roommate Bailey and suitemates Bridget and Jessica, life, love, all that...

Still Life- An accident leads to amnesia, a cross-country trip, and the rediscovery of love.

Host Club no Mamasan- A young university student secretly takes over supervision of a host club for her sick father. Hijinks, of course, ensue.

I review stories more than I write chapters, and I'm happy to do so. So if you need some more reviews, check this out:

1. Those who review my story (hopefully someday "stories") automatically get a review from me.

2. I choose stories randomly from the front page from time to time.

3. Keep in mind that the stories I really like or I think have potential get added to my Favorite Stories list, which means they automatically get a review from me if there's a new chapter up when I update.

I try to be honest and write about things that I think could be improved. If I have nothing bad to say, that means I couldn't find anything wrong, so rejoice! XD

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