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Author has written 6 stories for Young Adult, Supernatural, and Horror.

This account was formerly Houseki. I deleted almost everything I had uploaded as Houseki, except for two stories. They're the ones published before 2010. The stories are immature and I'm not proud of them, but I'm keeping them up for sentimental reasons.

Notes on Night Games:

On Gargoyles

Everyone knows what gargoyles are. They're those creepy statues that hang out on the tops of old buildings. Most people know the myths about them, too. About how they come alive at night and turn to stone again in the mornings. That particular myth happens to be based in truth. Ancient gargoyles did come alive at night. After a while, some managed to figure out how to "convert" ordinary humans to their strange existence. The promise of immortality will lead a lot of people to do and endure a lot of things – like turning into stone during the day, not to mention the ghastly transformation during the night of the full moon.

In recent times, there appear to be only a handful of the original ancients left, but there were plenty of converts by comparison, and the number was always growing. These creatures found their way to supernatural existence in a variety of ways. Some sought the power, some sought the extended life, and some fell into it by accident. They were all fairly weak, and shared little in common with the Originals besides turning to stone in the daylight hours.

To specify what exactly Originals do not have in common with converts, Originals have the real power in the gargoyle race, but also the real limitations. They control gargoyle politics, or as much of gargoyle politics as actually exist, and set rules for Houses – anything from how many new converts they can turn to punishments for actions deemed as "gargoyle crimes". The Originals, being supernatural entities, were also gifted with supernatural powers. However, the Originals are bound by laws that the converts aren't. During the day, they must return to their specific locations on the roofs of their individual buildings. They're also bound to protect humans in their area from other supernatural beings. Converts, on the other hand, can be anywhere during the day, and are free from the protection duties of the Originals. However, a side-effect of the conversion leads to a bizarre transformation during the full moon. The converts lose their human form and take on a shape more akin to the forms of the Originals.

On Houses

Converts tend to gather in groups, usually referred to as Houses. Each convert is assigned duties or chores, which are meant to aid the House and the other gargoyles residing there. A Head of the House is appointed to oversee House activities, assign specific duties, and enforce the word of the Originals. There is no process or election to pick the leader of any House. Generally, the most powerful gargoyle in the group will simply seize the position, and only lose it when death or a challenger finally defeats him.

Duties assigned to House-members can range from basic cleaning or house-keeping chores, to outside jobs to increase House income, to surveillance, to missions assigned directly from the Originals themselves.

The specific politics and inner-workings of each House vary according to the Heads, but every House will take orders from the Originals, regardless of their Head's policies.

On Writing this Story

I first came up with the idea for Night Games in seventh grade. Before I had any kind of plot, I had developed most of the main characters. The story simply grew from their relationships with one another.

I've worked on this idea for something like six years now, on and off. I recently finished it during National Novel Writing Month 2009, and now I've begun the painful process of editing.

Other stories I've written have either ended quickly, or I grew tired of working on them. This story, though, I keep coming back to. It's my baby, and I want to turn it into something great. I'm hoping to one day have this story published, and maybe you'll see it in stores someday in the future.

For now, though, I'm just trying to get through all the rough patches in this story. If, when you're reading, you have a problem with the way I've written or explained something, or you think I could make some areas better, please tell me. The only way I've been able to improve this story so much from where it started over six years ago is from the constructive criticism of friends and readers like you.

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, and I hope you enjoy my work.

--MLP, 2010.

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