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I can be very different...depending on who I'm talking to.

I'm not much of a writer...I do try.

I'm careful of me if you have a problem with small, delicate people

I may look small but I can cause damage, don't say you weren't warned. In simple words: don't mess with me!

I can sound older than I am sometimes, it's easy to be mistaken.

I do not believe in Love

I am against racism.

I love RPG sites!! I run three myself and am a member on other ones. In fact, I'll give you all a list!
~ St. Harrows -- Harry Potter based's like a school...sort of like Hogwarts, really cool
~ Raven's Hollow -- Also Harry Potter based...really cool!!! (I can't find the linkage right now though!)
~ Cavern of Lost Dreams -- Fantasy RP, anything can happen, awesome.
~ Kyoko -- Fantasy again...really awesome!!
~ New World High -- (run by meeee!!) Normal High school RP, pretty cool as well.
~ Sea View Apartments -- (run by me too!) It's an apartment block thing where you can own your own cool apartment and have fun with the other residents.
~ The Opera House -- (run by me...again) Phantom of the Opera based... it's an opera house, really nice, we have a phantom, we need someone to play manager and patron.
~ Days of the King (did I say I ran three? Well, I run four!) -- My Lord of the Rings RP site. Third age of middle earth, very detailed but needs members especially cannon characters.

I dislike stereotypes. They're pointless and annoying. I go by no stereotypes, I'm ME and if you can't live with it, too bad!

I am starting to feel know...writing 'I' so many times.


Coldplay, Oasis, The Stone Roses, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dido, Green day, James Blunt, REM, Evanescence, almost anything that's gothic rock, any Lord of the rings soundtrack, Final fantasy soundracks...

Lord of the rings (Book and movie), Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, Pirates of the Caribbean (waiting for the second!), Sauron...well..Morgoth too...(go dark lords!), 'A walk to remember' (Book and movie), 'The Notebook' (Book and movie), 'At first Sight' and anything written by Nicholas Sparks, 'Lady of the Sea, 'Finding Neverland'...very sweet!

Darkness, Black, Blood red, watching the city lights from my terrace at night, the sea, watching the fireworks from my bedroom window during the festive season (look! I just saw some fireworks go off...some seconds ago! Beautiful!) Red roses are my fave flower...just a plain deep red! ...(Wait! more fireworks as I write now!!)


Me (After using Erin's eraser): Hey, your eraser smells like blueberry!
Erin (smiles and I give her the eraser): Thanks
Marlene (Taking off her ear phones): Yeah, Erin does smell like blueberry!
Me: -insane laughter-

(german class)
Teacher: Orangensaft is Orange juice
Guy in german class: Oh! I make my own orange juice
Teacher: Really? Do you squeeze?
Guy+rest of the class: -Silence...and sick thoughts-
Rest of the class: -insane laughter-

(German Class again but with a different teacher)
Frau Mazyerac (The teacher): Und was machst du in dein freizeit, Elle? (What do you do in your freetime, Elle?)
Me: -desperately trying to think of an answer- Ich spiele Kalvier und... (I play the piano and...)
Frau Mazyerac: Und...? (and...?)
Me: -not knowing what to say- Ich esse. (I eat)
Frau Mazyerac: Du isst? Ist essen deine hobby? (You eat? Is eating your hobby?)
Me: Ja, Ich esse Schocolade. (Yes, I eat chocolate)
Rest of the class: -insane laughter-

Mori: Did you eat the cookies?
Elle (me): -taking a bite of the last cookie- Yep. Oh, I'm sorry, would you like that back? -opening my mouth to show the remaining cookie-
Mori: thanks.

Mori: Squee!

(In the back of my parent's car)
Marsch: I heard there's going to be a remake of Pochahontas with Colin Farrell as John Smith
Me: -squealing- Colin Farrell!!!
Mori: No reaction
Kim: -is asleep-
Marsch: Colin Farrell shirtless!
Mori: -Squeals REALLY loud- SHIRTLESSSSS!!!
Me: -Surprised look-
Kim: -still asleep-

'The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be love loved in return.'

'Fair is foul and foul is fair' -The Weird Sisters (From Macbeth)

"Here's a knocking indeed: if a man were porter of hell-gate, he should have old turning the key." - Drunk Porter (From Macbeth. Man, I love that porter)

'I was nothing more and an almost innocent bystander' -Captain Jack Sparrow (trailer of Pirates of the Carribean: Dead man's Chest)

'How do you know what you're feeling if you don't have a mask?' - Valentine (from Mirrormask)

My Stories/Poems:

The Mansion

This was written for English class. It had to be written within 500 words so, I had some limitations. But I promise I will edit this and write it in more detail. By the way, that David guy is supposed to be hot! I really need to describe him in the story.

Love and War

If you want to read any of my stories, I'd suggest this one last. Right now I only have two reviews on this but yeah, I'll still update. Chapter 3 is up!!! Oh...I haven't updated for a year...don't hold much hope for this one. I think it sucks now!

And if that wasn't enough, I have a new one

The Tale of Savia

A sad story, loosely based on the story of Beren and Luthien. Only, there's far less adventure here. This is good enough for a short read. Hope you like it!

Darkness is not Evil

Best, if you really want to go for one of my works. Fictional world, very much like our own...very random ideas.

Ashes Of Roses

Again, something I wrote for English class. Apparantly, I'm the only one who thinks it's bad! Definitely better than 'The Mansion'! But it's not amazing.

I believed

Based on reality and the lesson that it taught me. Again, not amazing...but worth a read...yes!

I will never fall again

True to what I feel. Sequel to 'I believed'. Worth a read.

The Sailor's Wife

The latest addition to my collection. I like it more than most of my other ones...tell me what you think! Hint: read and review!

Hide and Seek

From one of my worst memories as a kid. I was always being forgotten or left behind by my so called friends. It was the worst when we played games like this one.

Beyond the Sea and Stars

A three part poem that I wrote. Part one is 'The Sailor's Wife' and the rest is for you to find out, so go read and review for me! This Poem took me the longest time to write out of everything that I've ever written. This is also my favourite bit of writing of mine apart from 'Rain', which no one had read! -Ahem- Go read that too!

Whatever you read, don't forget to review!

In case anyone is interested in lord of the rings fanfiction, you can find me on as 'Ice Queen Estella'
Better yet, I'll just give you the URL:

Until I next update

-Aeariel of the Sea /Eleniel Iluvtariel/ Ice Queen Estella

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