Boy Meets Murfin
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Its about time I edited this thing don't you agree? -makespeoplenodtheirheads-

Okay, so since I'm fresh out of ideas right now, why don't I just tell you a bit about myself?

All right here we go...


Yeyi, or Murfin. If you want to know the reason for either of them, just ask me in a review or something like that.


This you don't need to know.

Aspires to be:

A writer (DUH) or a lawyer. Yeah, I like to argue and I never lose. /cockyness


Okay, I am unique, hyper, smart, friendly, and loyal. Don't I sound like a puppy dog? That's what most of my friends say I act like. I like to get to know new people, but I do feel awkward about the whole situation so I make an idiot out of myself at times. I hope you'll ignore that and just let me be me. I rarely get angry but if you make me must have REALLY pissed me off. o.o

Favorite music:

Umm...this is really hard. I guess I prefer rock, but I'll listen to pretty much anything.

Favorite food:

Mac 'n' cheese...handsdown

Favorite color(s):

Top three are, dark blue, purple, and green.

Favorite animal:

WOLF!! Oh my Joe. I 3 wolves! They are to me like the best animal out there! Followed by the white tiger and all big cats. 3

Favorite Books:

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Her new book that I have yet to read: "New Moon"

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Animorphs Series by K.A. Applegate

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

My Stories here:

The Seperation: Okay, well this story, 1st chapter posted August 20, 2005! Woohoo! I hope you enjoy this story, I WANT REVIEWS!!!!

My account on


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