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Nay: I'm going through a clean start. I'm changing my name, profile, and I've even changed my stories.

So, plz: Feel free to roam around, read, review... I accept anything from constructive criticism ( . is that spelled right...?) to flames. I like hearing what other ppl think. ^_^But, enough about this... on to a wee bit 'bout meself!

Real Name? Still can't... remember... I'll get back to yah on that one.

Pen Name? Hn... Oh, look up. It's supposed to b there... ^.^

Age? Old enough to write!! Xb

Sex? Nah, not in the mood. But thankz anyway!!

Aishii:Ha Ha? Be serious!!

Tra-lala-lalaa... *twerls around in a little pink tu-tu*

Meph: Feelin' funny tonigh, Nay?

AARGH!! NAY! o.o pink? YOU! Wearing PINK?! *laughs histerically*

*sigh* I think walls listen better than her. Feh.

Likies: XD

(No. Not ur crappy stuff 'bout colors or #'s...)

Other than Peanut Butter, Cheese, Strawberry Pokies (YES!! Shui-chan's Fav!!!), and Yaoi?

Reading, Writing, and Drawing!!

No Likies: =C

Other than the whole Human Race?

Hn... hard one... no... That's just it...

Unless you count:
>I hate to DEATH all kinds of insects... I'm not afraid of them, nor that "EEww, yucky buggy!!" kind-a way. I just don't like em!! Cuz bugs BUG too much...
-I too dislike the Sun, beaches (through the day, i like 'em at night) Humans (specialy politics and goberment people), and vampire and/or lycan hunters.
-I too HATE all of them assholes that rape and abuse others (woman, children, men..), and those bastards that make those chil-porn stuff, AND THOSE WHO BUY THEM!!! (WtF?! o.O) They don't diserve death, Death is a gift for them, they diserve to live longer than anyone else and suffer immensly, they should be slautered painfully and slowly!!! EVERYONE, JOIN IN: LAUGH AT THEIR PAIN!!!

Aishii: O.o

*shakes head* Forget this, I'm leaving... G'luck with her, Aishii.

Aishii's still too shoked to react: o.O


This are Nay's originals, coming from her own little head!! *cheers*

1. Life's just a Dream, and Death's just the rude Awakening.

2. The willful will of the Gods are against me, pushing me back... and I fall.

3. To suffer the painful sufferings of Death is NOTHING compared to the endless miseries of Life.

(Recently added one, NOT MINE. but I really freaked out and rejoiced when I read it in Morbid Maxwell's): "OMGravitation!!" (lol)

5? "Long Live the Yaoi Gods!!!" (lol)

6: "Oh, The Horror! The PG13 HORROR!!!" (lmao!!!)

Listen, If u wanna contact me... which i don't know why u'd wanna... here's my e-mail:

Well, enough about this. Read & Review!!


((May 10/05)) To all the readres of The Resurrection of a Forbidden Love... I have changed the NAME. Do NOT b alarmed... it was only teh name. It is now: Forbidden Love. No other changes have been made what-so-ever... so... read on and review!! And for those who do R&R... Here's a Muffin!!!

So... Morbid Maxwell, and afk recieve... 3 muffins each!! XD Loves yah!!

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