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Hi. 8D And what brings you to my tiny profile of awesomeness? Maybe you were reading one of my stories and decided to come check me out, or maybe you were typing random user numbers in the address bar? However you came to be here, here’s a FAQ about the things excreted from the depths of my right lobe known as “writing”.


Q: Who are you?
A: I’m Batman.

Q: WTF? You don’t get any frequently asked questions. You don’t get any questions, period.
A: …I can dream…D:

A: Yes, I do, just not every day. Due to my history of procrastination I decided that I needed to set some rules for myself, to ensure that I actually finish writing. New chapters are posted on Saturdays at 12:00 noon EST. If you don’t live in my time zone, then do a little research to find out what time your updates are coming.

Q: Last week your updates came at 12:30/4:00/a day late/whatever. You’re a liar.
A: Despite what you may hear from my friends, I do have a life. If my updates come an hour or two late, I try my best to make my deadline. If I’m going to be on vacation, I’ll try to warn you all a week beforehand, and if you’re lucky I’ll post two chapters to make up for it. So don’t be a prick, or you won’t get anything at all.

Q: Eww, you’re a pervert. Your stories are gross.
A: I know, isn’t it great? Yeah, I am a pervert. However, I rate my stories accordingly. If I write a goddamn tentacle rape (which, for the love of God, no,), it’ll be rated M, okay? I don’t intend to expose younger readers to that stuff. (However, I will never rate a story M for language. They’re just words; they won’t shatter anyone’s inner child forever.)

Q: But that one thing you wrote was perverted and it wasn’t rated M!
A: Like I said, I rate stories accordingly. If I write a risqué scene and then cut off right before it gets to the juicy stuff (which I do a lot), then it’s rated T, because everything’s only implied. Very heavily implied, yes, but you never get to read about characters doing the nasty. Really, it’s a fact of life, and, scientifically speaking, it’s the only reason that we, as human beings, exist. Suck it up.

Q: Something you wrote offended me.
A: Deal with it.

Q: Why don't you post updates to Super Magical Girl Papaya-chan/Emraj/Snow/whatever the fuck else?
A: See the 'Projects' section.

Q: Hey! Your Bara no Yuuutsu sounds a lot like Seiitsuno Megami's old story Feeder. You stole her idea!
A: I changed my screenname. We're the same person.

Q: You were writing Feeder a while ago, what happened to that?
A: Long story short: it sucked. It seemed like the best thing since sliced bread when I was writing it a few years ago, but after abandoning it for a while, I went over it again and decided that it just had too many flaws, and my writing style has improved a lot compared to back then. I loved the story and the characters—well, one of the characters, anyway—too much to let it go, though, so I’m re-writing it under the shiny new title Bara no Yuuutsu, which is my current project. It’s a lot better this time around, trust me.

Q: Supersexyawesome? What?
A: My special word.

Q: Your stories suck.
A: And you’re entitled to your own opinion, but please tell my why it sucks so I can improve. I find flames amusing, so feel free and bring it.

Q: Why the hell sin't Banotsu updated anymore? I thought you said you wouldn't drop it...
A: See below.


None, right now.

Bara no Yuuutsu
"THIS IS THE SAME THING AS FEEDER~" No, it's not. It features the same characters and the same scenario, but I'm in the process of rewriting the whole story. Why? Because Feeder sucked. Maybe it was good for my writing skills at the time, but I was in fifth grade. I've matured as a writer, and I can't help but flinch when I look back at it. To anyone who read and enjoyed Feeder way back when: if you liked that, Banotsu is going to make you shit your pants with joy. For serious.
UPDATE: This story isn't really on hiatus, per se. I had chapter 8 all nice and typed out, ready to upload...and then my computer started PMSing and decided not to let me lay a finger on any of my Word documents. Fuck you, Windows, fuck you. Anyway, my computer's being repaired right now and should be back in...2 weeks? Ish? So it'll be updated then.

Super Magical Girl Papaya-chan!
Almost a year of un-updates have caused this to be put in the hiatus category. Here's the deal: Papaya-chan isn't really a story any more, so much as it is a stress-reliever. I write mostly angsty, serious stories. Papaya-chan is composed entirely of crack and INSANE. Whenever I'm too worn-out from serious stuff, I'll type down a chapter of Papaya-chan to relieve stress. Why? Namely, because Papaya-chan chapters usually only take an hour or two to write 6-7 pages. For Bara no Yuuutsu takes about a week to write 4-5 pages. You see the difference? Not to mention that I can slip in as many obscure references as I want, and it can still be brilliant. I know it's my most popular story (as of this writing)--22 reviews, holy shit--but for those of you who just want to read SOMEthing, go read Bara no Yuuutsu. Or, if you want some comedy value, then wait six weeks and read BnY after Alyssa shows up. Updates WILL come...they'll just be slow.

See Bara no Yuuutsu.

IT'S FINISHED. Any ideas for possible sequels have been dropped. End of story.

...I haven't really gotten any questions about this...It was a story I wrote for my advanced studies class. It's done now. Ya dig?

Gin no Ookami no Densetsu
Kyuuketsuki Gakuen
Majo to Gaeru to Hime to Ouji
Naoko's Adventures in Wonderland
Obake no Alice
Ryu no Diary
The Serenity Project

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