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My screen name Forest Maiden is a significant part of my own thoughts and is often shown in my stories. I found this ledgend once and it intriged me. Perhaphs it will you too.

I'm a lover of romance, and that's usually the type of stories I read. However, I love humor adventure and action as well. I don't read it as much, but it's not because I don't love it! I always apriciate reviews on my stories (Who doesn't?) and if you review thank you very much! They are a great sense of encouragement and definetly help me to feel inspired to write more.

Editing Stories:

Recently I havn't been finding much inspiration to write as much, though I still find myself activly reading and reviewing fanfiction. I can't help it! I was thinking perhaps maybe I could help out others and edit? ~Shrugs~ If anyone is interested. However, I do warn before you contact me. I am slow. I take my time reading it out, trying to add lots of detail and checking always for spelling and grammer. However if you're still interested send me a e-mail. (No comments about the screen name please. -_- )

Future Story Ideas:

The Shapeshifter: (Title not final) A story where animals have been hunting to the very brink of extinction. A few humans find the last ones and are joined together to create an entirely new race. They are called shapeshifters, because they have the power to change into the single animal for which they share a spirit with. They appear as normal humans, but with a single mark placed somewhere upon their bodies. A story of one particular girl and her story...

Status on stories:

A Tale Of Friendship:

Working hard on my first posted origional storyline, A Tale Of Friendship. I'll get more done soon I promise! I've been really inspired so it should be up very quick.

That's all for now! Ja ne!

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