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kismet truths. kerbieflaw. icykayle.
classmates. co-authors.
~kerbie's born in january. kayle's born in february. kismet's born in march.
~kerbie's birthday is on the 10th. kayle's birthday is on the 2nd. kismet's birthday is on the 12th.
~kismet likes gold and black. kerbie likes black and white. kayle likes silver and blue.
~kismet writes poetry and manga. kerbie writes poetry and manga. kayle writes poetry.
~kismet likes maaya sakamoto. kerbie likes ayumi hamasaki. kayle doesn't get jap.
~kismet takes german. kerbie takes japanese. kayle takes french.
~kismet worships raiha and sanosuke. kerbie worships sesshoumaru and kamui. kayle doesn't read manga.
[how we write.]
24th september '04: kayle - well. obviously we ARE slacking. haha. ah wells. nvm. 'cos 'kayle is the one who is mostly slacking. *runs away from kismet and kerbie*
kerbie - i might not be working on my part for a while, because exams are coming up *same for the others too, and also because i want to work on the character art for HoA. so choose. either no story from me *yet, or no art for HoA. now that wouldn't be doing it justice, would it? especially since it's a manga! so, please forgive the current lack of commitment from kerbie. ^^^ *runs off with sketchbook*

17th september '04: if none of us slacks, at least one chapter of something will be up by sunday. hopefully. since we all have an idea of what we want to write already, something should happen soon. that is, if we don't slack.

16th september '04: today we decided to start sourcing for ideas. we wrote nine words or phrases on nine pieces of scrap paper, folded them up, and drew lots, each one of us taking three slips of paper. we would have to use the words or phrases we got to create a story which revolved around them. and this is what we got.
kismet: tap dance; a warrior race; cherry
kerbie: wind in bottles; wilted petals; blizzard
kayle: clown; pattering rain; blissful
oh yes, we are going to have a lot of fun, ne? ^^^