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Hi! I am Blooming Sakura! (I'll NEVER tell you my name! NEVER!!) I am obsessed with writing (and drawing) anime and manga! (It doesn't look that anime-y...if you know what iImean...well...the eyes do, anyway...but I think I'm pretty good...O.~v (wierd face...ain't it...?) Hehe...?)

I'm currently bored, and in my spare time (which is almost never because of homework...DAMN YOU, GEOGRAPHY!), I draw...and draw...and draw some more (I have BUNCHES of random spiral notebooks filled with drawings of anime...). I should really get a couple of sketch pads in stead of using lined paper...-^^-...

Here starts a summary of my life...You have been warned...

N E ways...It all started with Sailor Moon when I was like...7 years old...I had no clue as to what anime was, but was obsessed with the pretty magical sparkly costumes and stuff...then...I found a pencil and paper...(DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!) and i attemped to draw the pretty girls in the pretty magical sparkly costumes...i thought i was gooooood...(and when i find those random drawings...randomly hidden in random places around the house...I look back...and wonder why they were so bad...and why i drew them in the first place...and if my mother dropped my on my head as a baby...^^'...whoops...! Went a liiiiittle too far, there, didn't I...?...) Then Dragonball Z...(didn't even bother drawing that shit...)...then Gundam, and then the glorious premiere of Toonami on Cartoon Network where they showed pretty much nothing but anime from 4 to 6 pm...I got HOOKD (i meant to spell it that way)...

Fast forward to me today...about...2 years ago, i discovered the BEAAAUUUUUUUTIFUL invention of adult swim (i ALWAYS wanted to type it that way...) and got ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY HOOKED ON INUYASHA. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE INUYASHA!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!! LOVEHIMLOVEHIMLOVEHIMLOVEHIMLOVEHIMLOVEHIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i have a shrine to him on my bedroom wall and in my locker). Then about a year ago, I was bored and came across The Anime Network on Comcast On Demand. (I can't get enough of it) I really want the channel, so i can overload my brain with anime 24/7, just like the ads say! (you know...randomly blurt 'HAIL, IL PALAZZO!!' in the middle of English class...start playing KISU kara hajimaru MIRACLE in the middle of band...) After i watched like...3 episodes of Full Metal Panic, I was hooked, but not on the giant robots and stuff, but on the high school part of it...and so was born my original manga (^^ I love the ring of that...heehee!), Azakana High School...! (victory music from Final Fantasy X plays) It's about 20 something high school kids and their teachers...doing stuff...and then graduating...^^ that's pretty much it...I've worked hard on drawing it and stuff, but it literally needs about 1,000,000 hours of straight nitpicking to even out the details in the character profiles and stuff (that's right!! i added character profiles! what are YOU gonna do about it?!?!?!)and said characters are quite...shaky and THEY need about 6,000,000,000.78 hours of straight nitpicking to even them out...To me...I feel kind of stupid, drawing it...and let NO ONE see it when i'm drawing it especially since i'm not that good -.- (Hell, if possible...I wouldn't even let God see offense, Big Guy...)...but i'm proud of myself...although it's NO WHERE NEAR finished, nor do i think it will be until i'm like...18, I'd love to see it animated one day...I'd love to see it...manga-ized and published one day...and it's not really in comic strip-ish format, either, yet...It's just a bunch of random drawings...but I can dream, can't i?!? I think i just might write a story or two on it...^_~ I've really gotta get better at drawing it...maybe I'll go to the mall and run to Waldenbooks and get one of those 'How to Draw Anime' and/or 'Manga' books...^^'

Bye-ness for now, and look for stories...!

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