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updated as of 6 Jan 03. i've been writing up a storm. the second volume of "pupu's saga" looks promising so far. i'll have those chapters up soon. if you're still keeping up with it, wow.

you must have liked "pupu's saga" an awful lot to come visit me here, or more likely you're just wondering what kind of moron would dedicate an entire novel to an alien who can't hardly speak three words. the only other thing i can think of is that you clicked on the wrong link. settings 1-26 are up and i have been knighted by a critic at long last! so far i have been given 30-odd fanart illustrations of my saga, which can be found at my homepage. if you have any problems or compliments, you might catch me on AIM as "Mad PuPu" or just email [email protected] the epic does not actually end on setting 26. if you read the prologue carefully, you'll notice that it was set on day 27, which is still a while away from the day on which setting 26 is set and where volume i closes. i'm working on volume ii of 3 right now.

so why am i writing this? because i said that i could, and now i feel inspired enough to pick it up again. i'm not doing this as a stepping stone into a career of freelance writing, and i'm not doing this for a hobby. a promise is a promise. i guess i'm doing this just to preclude any accusation of being a hypocrite. i think the only thing i do for a hobby is sit around or whip out my diabolo. or race other bmws. yeah, i really don't do anything and have no real aspirations. all my brothers say i am useless. i concur. :P

i love the british education system. they apparently start in mid-october so i've had a five-month break with which to work on this epic if i so choose. i've been accepted at both oxford and cambridge but i chose the former; still very psyched and stoked about that. i also like how they use "daft" and "bloody" to underscore their points. i hope british women turn out to be as attractive as their education system. my current school has been somewhat of a both virtues. side note: geoffrey monmouth has no writing talent whatsover. i hate annals, chronicles, histories, etc. and i despise the fact that i had to read his book.

i guard arian and Pandora Naylor by my pen (very slowly though), and Ephiny by my sword (en guarde!). after about a year of online publishing, i have finally been dubbed "sir jer of fantasy" by "Selphie Tilmitt" [[email protected]]. i must say that being knighted for writing fanfiction is a great sensation and very flattering.

i am an aspiring engineer who isn't inspired by engineering. i was thinking about going into law, but now i'm not so sure. :) yep, just what the world needs right now, right? if you ask me, we need a hero, but hey, that might just be me. my current job is to look busy, qualified, and competent, which all comes natural to me, being the expert flaneur, faineant, gadabout, and bloviator. my ultimate goal in life is to die young and, god willing, somewhat happy. my dream job or station is that of a sinecure.

i declare BoA kwon the cutest girl in the world. and she's loaded. proof that you don't need any artificial augmentation to become successful as a pop singer/dancer. yuna from shinvi is the runner-up. the hottest woman would have to be lee hyolee.

hikaru utada's "first love" is the saddest song ever performed. i hate her for that. she got married since i last updated this story and i don't know if she still attends columbia.

"serendipity," "return to paradise," "a walk to remember," "primary colors," "needing you," "the tailor of panama," "the insider," "enemy at the gates," "thirteen days," "hero," "a few good men," "autumn in new york," "powder," "jerry maguire," "the talented mr. ripley," "dogma," "good will hunting," "rumble in the bronx," "days of thunder," "princess caraboo," and "frequency" are some of my favorite movies. i fell in love with winona ryder's personality in "autumn in new york" and sammi cheng's character in "needing you" so i'm basically screwed for life. may day, or wu yue tian, is king. if you haven't listened to "hao bu hao," then you're missing out. you might redeem yourself if you've listened to wu yue tian's "zin zhong wu bieh ren"...the operative word being "might". oh! and the current favorites are ka tang's "ji aeh," baby vox's "game over," and BoA's "jewel song."

i love playing basketball. i love working out. i sold my bmw, and now i want a sporty suzuki or bmw motorbike. i also want to win the lottery. i'm thinking about joining the reserve army for two years, but then again, i could just go to military law after law school. go to http:///clubs/finalfantasyviiifanfic and then click on my name for a picture of me in the profile if it's still there. i currently have two projects that are taking up alot of my time: "pupu's saga" which i need you to review, and a sequel to arian's "reviresco." i also have a divine panel of thirty-four VERY talented, devoted, and charitable artist-donors who are working to illustrate "pupu's saga" and "the stray." if you wanna see the thirty-odd pictures we have so far, you should email me and ask or go to the yahoo site and join the club for access to the photo album.

sadly, i cannot claim true talent for myself for i have witnessed it in the hands of another...

happiness all around,
sir jer

aka Vardaman
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i am the most miserable person ever - a casuality of an upperclass education. currently wondering why the dutch hold up so well.

i can beat parasite eve ii in 2.5 hours. how about you?