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Writer's Block Sucks.

I have decided to write something about how much I hate writer's block in an attempt to get rid of mine. So far, it's not working all that well, but give me a few paragraphs or so and I'll at least be on the road to recovery. Writer's block is most annoying, not because I cannot write when I have it, but because I cannot think of a plot line. All plots are boring. All plots go nowhere. I have no ideas that have not been already thought of. I am ready to chop off my hands. Actually, it would probably be more beneficial to chop off my head, seeing as that's the part of me that refuses to write.

Writer's block being the first and foremost of my extreme dislikes, let me enlighten you as to my more mundane hatreds.

One: Spelling Errors. The errors in of themselves are not the annoying things. When going through a fic, one does not always notice one's own mistakes, hence the Spell Check. It is also understandable that one may not have spell check. The answer to this problem is also simple; send it to a friend. Your excuse to that, though, may be that you have no friends, in which case, give the fic to a family member. If you have no family members either, I suggest that you give up writing for a time and tend to your own life, before you kill yourself.

Two: Grammatical Errors. The advice for this is the same as above, but I thought I'd mention it anyway, just for closure. And, also, I understand that English is not the first language of some, but, if you cannot write properly in it, why not stick to your native tongue?

Three: Stupid Plotlines. If you can't come up with anything interesting, don't write anything at all. Don't re-write stupid plotlines. If it has been written, great! We are all so proud. That doesn't mean we have to praise it and honor it by writing a carbon copy with a slightly different opening scene.

Four: Characterization. If you've never actually watched the show, don't write fanfiction for it. And we understand that yes, sometimes character development is important to a plot, but you cannot randomly introduce a character known for his solemnity with "Hey y'all, wazzup?" and a happy-go-lucky grin.

Five: Songs. I don't mind the occational song lyrics in a fic, but the lyrics should not count for over half the number that is your word count.

Six: Word Forms. They're, their, there. To, too, two. Whose, who's. Which, witch. Our, are. Your, you're. Get it right.

Seven: Abbrieviations. Don't use abbrieviations. It makes one look like an idiot.

Eight: Rambling. When writing, have a point. The exceptions to this are when you are writing dialouge (for some insane character or another) or you are attempting to cure your writer's block and are pointing out annoyances that you have come across in your reading escapades. Then you are exempt.

Nine: Tenses. One cannot switch tenses in the middle of a story. It make's one's story both incomprehensible and extremely annoying.

Now I will leave you, Young Apprentice, to write your own rather pointless complaints, or else rather bad fanfictions in defiance of this insulting advice. Either way, I look forward to the results.

)There. That's better(

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