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Very Quick Guide To My Entries On This 'Ere Website...

Black Ice: Oneshot. This is a story about a girl who slashes up her wrist and passes out in her car in the CVS parking lot, from the perspective of one of the friends who drives her to the hospital. Would make a really great "How I Spent My Winter Break" essay for someone with a sick sense of humor.

The Slant: I can't summarize The Slant without giving away the surprise in chapter 1, unless I want to resort to "...WITH A TWIST!" format. Well, what the hell. A love triangle...WITH A TWIST! But primarily the story of a friendship.

Arms Race: This is a character-driven novel, (those looking for a plot will be shot) written in third-person omniscient but centering PRIMARILY on the protagonist, one Gypsy Cumani, whose mother had an affinity for stripper names and who recently moved in with her older sister after being unable to get her life back on track in her old town. Upon arriving in Whitstown, Gypsy reluctantly becomes the lead singer of Arms Race, an amateur high-school rock band peopled by Vince, a control-freak suffering artist expected to one day marry his guitar; Kevin, a vulgar, sleazy womanizer who occasionally displays signs of charm; Lorena, a colorful, sweet-talking dispute-mediator who wishes everyone else could feel the love; and Todd, a shy drummer whose personality is usually overshadowed by that of his girlfriend. Expect love triangles, tragic backstories, and social commentary.
Please do not be discouraged by the fact that the first chapter of this story consists solely of people talking. It won't all be like that. I swear, things will happen in this book (especially if you count arguments as happenings, which Sarah swears I'm allowed to do). Music will be played. Dances will be danced. There will, eventually, be snogging and even fistfights. So please excuse how slow the first few chapters are, but it had to be that way.

The Hero's Guide To Adventuring: Is a project I'm co-authoring with Zozma. (STILL ridiculously giddy over this.) It is a hilarious, in my humble opinion, guide to basically being the most cliche hero imaginable. Written with a great deal of affectionate sarcasm. All in all a rather light read; relatively short chapters, and almost definitely won't exceed twenty of them. So read it! gosh.

Frigid Bitch: (Poem) This definitely has the most accurate official summary that I've ever written, but for anyone who still doesn't get it...look, have you ever met one of those real molesty dogs who's always trying to stick his nose in your crotch? That's the kind of dog my friend Reece has. Yes...

To My Anorexic Friend: (Poem) Needs no explanation.

Stranger Danger: (Poem) Boy meets Girl. Girl is terrified. Boy can tell.

Ode to Procrastination: (Poem) I wrote this in tenth grade when my world cultures teacher ranted at us about procrastination. I started writing with nothing really in mind except that I wanted it to end with the line "We work better under pressure." I'm actually rather proud of how it turned out.

Sensuality: (Poem) Was written for a school assignment after a brief unit on sensuality and writing about the human body converged with an assignment requiring us to write a poem. My frustration with the whole warm, sticky mess that is sensuality in poetry, particularly the examples she read to us, boiled over into this poem.

Cautionary Tale: (Poem) The creepiest thing I've ever written. A semi-satirical look at my own paranoia as results from my mother's insistence on telling me horror stories about girls who got raped and murdered in parking lots in an attempt to convince me to let her waste gas by driving me a block down the street.

The Monster: (Poem) A villanelle I wrote for Creative Writing 1. Intended to be humorous.

Everything Else: You should not read. The end.

I recommend the following authors... (not in any particular order). If I took you off this list, it's not because I don't love you; it's because you stopped writing.

Pixy-dizzy: Her two main projects are Counting Chickens (boy-crazy high school girl will get her goddamn happy ending if it kills her) and To Fight or Fall (not-so-boy-crazy boarding school girl has to band together with her cute archnemesis to keep their crazy toad of a new headmistress from...doing...something...because we don't know WHAT yet. Read it, so you, too, can tear out your hair in suspense!), but I would also definitely recommend her oneshots "Hanging"(Bleeding-heart type character takes in suicidal bum, hilarity and lurve ensues) and "Moon River" (Too beautiful and complex to summarize, really. Just read it. It's my favorite.)

Zozma: Is so ridiculously awesome. HIS story, Tales of the Sun Sin (about an organization of wizards and such who have to go from world to world saving everyone from the usual problems: told through the eyes of one sarcastic pervert of a wizard who is chosen to go on a highly important top-secret-mission-type-thing, mostly because of his ability to turn into corrosive jello) is amazing: the idea is original, the characters are so realistic, the descriptions are just stunning.

Marsalbione: His newest project, entitled The Rain King, is about a...not-quite-gang of youths who are nonetheless disillusioned and interdependent in a ganglike manner? It's a bit like The Outsiders, but without all the pretentiousness and general nonsense. I recommend it.

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It's been dry here.
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just don't read this. its seriously awful. not done, but this incarnation of it wont ever be.
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Black Ice reviews
“She was out cold when we found her.” “She’s awake and talking now.” “Drugs?” “No.” “She cut herself.” “Serious blood loss?” “No.” “Looks mostly superficial.” “Only that wrist?” “I think so –” “Yes.” “We think it was the cold…” Rated for sw
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Stranger Danger reviews
Looks from the title to be a lot like Cautionary Tale, but isn't quite. The subject is the same - don't ask me why I decided to write about this twice - but the storyline is different. You could actually take this as a sequel to CT, if you wanted to.
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The title says it, I think.
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A breakup letter, from my best friend's dog to me.
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She wants so badly to forget his phone number.
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This is a villanelle I wrote for class, not meant to be taken seriously. Let's just say it's about a phobia.
Poetry: Humor - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 270 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 7/22/2008 - Complete
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A semi-satirical look at my own paranoia as results from my mother's attempting to convince me to let her waste gas by driving me a block down the street by telling me horror stories about girls who were raped and murdered in parking lots.
Poetry: General - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,047 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 2 - Published: 7/22/2008 - Complete
Arms Race reviews
Arms Race is the name of the band. But it's not about the band. It's about the people in it. This is a love story. Gypsy loves her freedom. Vince loves his guitar. They all love the music. Eventually, they might all love each other. Or they might not.
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a poem about why sensuality is stupid. yes.
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the title says it all. this poem is rated for teenagers not because there's any mature content, but because only teenagers will GET it
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