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AN: Um..ok sorry if your waiting for an im not dead, i have not met a fatal accident that has made me unable to write and no i am not having a writters bloc. Now you ask, then WHY THE HECK is she not updating?? well to tell you the truth, i've been very busy...fine the REAL truth is...I'm very VERY LAZY!!!! yes..i am the most laziest person on earth, if you want to challenge me..go ahead. I mean cummon! its the holidays and i still havent got to it!!!! but I WILL GET TO IT so dont loose faith on me!! i plan on doing it tommorow, its late now so i wont but i do want to appologise first to those who actually like my story!!...

anyways..Thanx for the wait..hopefully, you get to read sumthing soon!!! (20.4.05)

"Genius is 1 inspiration, 99 perspiration."

Thomas A. Edison

yes guys...thats right, so start working your butts off and let us all become GENUII (pulral for genuis)

So you obviously wont be reading this if you WERENT interested in knowing what i'm like...isnt that what a bio means? a biography? hmm...let me check the dictionary...

biography (say bi-og-ra-fee) noun the life story of a person written by another.

hhmmmm...ok so that doesnt really work does it? pft...YES IT DOES! I HAVE MR. MAGICAN!! yes yes, another one of my 'imaginary' friends. He can do it for me! *clap clap* You can probably tell i have quite a few.

By now you should probably have guessed that I am, infact, CRAZY, LOLA, SHIBABNGAZAN! ok, thats not a real word but do you really care????? haha ok

ok, everyone has these "name, age, blah blah, blahahahahahahahahahaha" woops haha, got carried yea..I'll get on with it ok...

NOM: (hahaha i think its so funny how they right nom instead of name!) seriously, do you want to know? Fine..pah, not like you can do anything with the knowlege of my name...ohh im so scared, you know my name...oohhh...rite ok..haha as you can tell i get easily distracted...rite name..ahaha sorry. Its MAGGIE!! and YES that is my FULL name, not a nick name!! i've had marks taken off an assignment because the teacher didnt believe that that was my full if i dont know...

AGE: half-way to 30 and act 3 times smaller than that...go figure! =)

NATIONALITY: pah...why do you BORN asian (YEA! GO US ASIANS! WE ROCK, cept for our short genes but i cant complain), i have an Candaian passport and i am CURRENTLY and Australian Citizen (BOO YA! GO AUSTRALIA! WE ROCK MATE!)

A LITTLE BOUT ME: (i love capitals, imagine me screaming them out!) As you can probably tell im mentally lolo so yes...I am increadibly random, not at all as smartas asians should be, act younger, way younger than i am, ask ANYONE. yes i read, dont go into that boring stuff about fav books etc...

Ideas for future stories: (DONT COPY, if you dont notice, there is a copy right sign underneth this all so i WILL SUE AND CATCH YOU!!! i mean cummon, if you dont have you own idea's, go out a find some inspiration, just cus i havent written it yet, doesnt me you can steal the idea)

Academy: (name may change) ok, this is going to be about 4-6 people who attend the PTA, Police Training Academy and stuff will happen in there...i just htough we should get away from teh school and uni place and go somewhere else and this dropped the bomb on me when i walked pas the new police station at chatswood. but yes..tell me if you think its a good idea

Holiday: About this girl, Max, she goes on holdiay on this nice island, finds it haunted...that s all rite now..hehehehehe...we'll wait for an inspirational hit now...

Satan's Casino: ok this is actually already written up, its a short story about Edgar Pratt (i LOVE HIS NAME,its so DORKY!!) anywyas, he goes to hell for a reason that is so hilarioulsly rediculous that you'll have to see for yourself and yes..things happen. I had to write it for school.. i dunno if i should post it...i've been told its a laugh every second line, so if your up for a laugh, ask me and ill post it or email it to you!!

signing off:-

Mr. Imagination

poof, i disappear*...wait, thats Mr. MAGICAN oh yea, he is actually, for real, a creation of cartoons that me and my equally crazy friend Nadia created, it might be famous in a few years time so look out for it and you can claim you 'know' me! BOO YA!

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