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Name: 'M' Marker

Sex: Male

Occupation: College Student

My passion for writing developed while I was still at junior high. Naturally, reading other people's work is what inspired me to take up the artform as a way of escaping the tears and dreary of reality- that's why when you read my work, you can always tells its me by the extreme plot lines and characterizations.

In my final year of high school, I elected to do an advanced course in English that would entail my writing a complete and well-researched short story for the final exam. After graduating and receiving my results, I saw how said story had done: pretty disappointingly. I had been criticized for writing things just too long-winded for the short-story format- so I didn't lie to myself, I suck at writing short stories. That's why writing an epic novel seemed like the next logical step for me.

The story of Faith became my passion ever since I left high school. Actually, I had already begun planning the book from the start of my final year in high school. For the entire year I was in high school I had been planning the plot, detailing the characters, elaborating on the world of which it is based in, etc. Only now, in 2005, have I really begun to actually write the thing against the blueprints and guidelines I had drawn up one year previous.

How should I explain Faith?

On the lightest of levels... In my personal life, I've always had trouble dealing with fatalism and destiny and the like, so I think in some very general way I made Faith a mocking satire to fatalists everywhere. I mean, it's only been the first few chapters and you can see how deep Michael, the lead character, is in it, right? Yeah, all that fighting is no accident. So, there you go- the story kind of shows how far extreme really is if an author really wanted to throw the plot device of dramatic fate at it's characters.

On a medium level, I truly hope that the story can still entertain people superficially. I want people to smile and laugh and feel things when they learn about the small trepidations and victories my characters survive and achieve. Every writer at heart would admit to that.

And on the deepest level, the story should arouse some streak of vigilantism! Hahaha- look at Michael for what he really is- in my eyes, he's a man's man. He's tough as nails and he can really kick it when it comes down to it. Sure the fatalism can throw heaps of the brown stuff on him, but he deals with all of it with a stone face. His character may rub off as unrealistic, but you can't say it's not idealistic. Now, in my mind, there's a difference between being a manly guy and a cruel guy. I cringe when I see men that can't be men, but I just hate ignorant men that give the rest of us a bad name. Michael is an action man- he's always rising up to the calling, but he knows what's important to him and he doesn't try to lie to himself about it. He takes his relationship with the heroine seriously (it's what drives the story forward), has a sense of humor that defuses most tense situations and a sense of blind justice and compassion for others besides himself. Soon, we'll also be able to see he can be quite the romantic... So it's that double-sided thing I'm trying to achieve- macho and big on front, self-aware and honest in the middle. Because, let's face it, having either extreme wouldn't make for a particularly arresting story... and that's how I percieve real life too.

So yeah, in a way, this story is like a baby to me. I'll try to write for it as often as I can because I really do feel passionate about what I'm trying to tell. My free time, however, is threatening to drop since college is going to start in about a fortnight and I've also got to balance my part-time job.

But don't let any of that turn you off! Read, read, read and REVIEW, is what I say! Enjoy Faith and see just how huge it's world is about to become...

You all have fun now. = )

-M Marquez

"Enemies and friends become interchangeable, the past and future become inseperable, mortality and immortality finally collide."


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