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"Wanna take a ride?"

Right now there are 5 authors that are part of Le Cheese Ankles. We are all from the same small school in The Middle of Nowhere, USA. (But soon, we hope to be in The Middle of Nowhere, Canada.)
--Le Authors--


Most of us have our own FP account, so this is going to be our place to post all the things we wouldn't dare to post on our own...)

--Possible Stories--

Imminent Death 2-coming soon "The Updated Crucible"
Daily Diatribe
Le Cheese Ankles' Diary
Actual Conversations-Yes, we are like this in real life
Stupid Quotes-yeah, you know this one well
Personal Columns-damn Rory is ahead of the game on this one
The Adventures of the Great Implanter
How We Could Have Gotten Our Name

Bolds stories have started

Updates and Notes :

* I cleared out our updates. It was getting crowded.
-.- + San

Note From Pat: Why, they were funny!!!!!! Who cares if it was crowded????

*The readers care. They don't want to scroll through 3,000 comments just to get to stories.
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And these readers would be...? -_-;; Anyway, half of the updates were you two fighting. We need to post something.

I just posted The 'What If' Series...fun fun...*looks back through possible stories*...We need to start The Adventures of the Great Implanter...And what about dreams? That could be fun-You might want to leave out the MJK one San-And what ever happened to The Updated Crucible...*Sings* Get into the posting spirit *Coughs*...I need to stop singing.

*Fine, I'm sorry. . . . anyways. . . I've got nothing to post. I'm boring.
-.- + San

You people are really weird...why do I hang out with you again? Oh yes, I also updated the stupid quotes column.

*~* I am awsome! Read my colum. . .its stupid now, but Rory left so my insperation left. . .:'( Much love!^.^; Sew/ TwigsI rock don't still me name!

I changed my name. I am now Pogo. . . . *Bounce* And sews name to twigs.
-.- + Pogo

I uploaded the first chaper to our wierd versions of the Crucible. *evil grin*Anyone can post the second chapter.

I updated my column. Now everyone will appreciate the true value of the apple. 'Twas fun to write. It is now Winter Break, I think I will go on a writing rampage.

You just had to talk about the apples, didn't you, Rory? Well, I'll have my column up in a little while.

Our site is dead.

Well, it doesn't help that no one ever puts anything up here! I check it every day, to see if anyone has said anything, but no one ever does!

I want a lovly bunch of coconuts! Nevermind, I would like it more if people would start updating!

Wow, I haven't been here in awhile. . . . . Woah. . . . :blink:
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update update update* There, happy?

Well, you know what? I'm going to update, for once. And to fudge*witch, no, they are not gay.

I'm updating again... I have new Stupid Quotes, and Actual Conversations.

Okay, I fixed the spelling mistake in Actual Conversations chapter 7. I'm sorry for this mistake, but I was using Notepad, and trying to hide from the substitute teacher since I was supposed to be using the computer for research on a biology project. Also, I began the 'How we could have gotten our name' post.

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