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It's been a really long time since I've written anything and sorry for those of you who read my sole post from before: To Whom It May Concern frankly it was really old and needed to be taken down before I cringed myself to death.

My new story Utopia started as piece of free writing to relieve boredom after working on a research paper for six hours straight. As the first thing I've written let alone posted in a very long time I'm open to any piece of criticism available, though I don't like anonymous posts because I do like to ask reviewers for more clarity or idea should they point something out. This piece has no real directions nor a time line of updates. I'm a college student in a course nicknamed Fish and No Life so it will be written when ever I have time and am so inclined. Anyone who would like to beta it just send me a message otherwise it will be posted just self edited.

Also as it did start out as free writing it will be subject to changes and edits as I go along if things start to have gaping plot holes or the like. I've already found some issues while re-reading it that will likely get fixed in the near-ish future. It also has no structure which I'm currently at least trying to get some basics outlined as far as the origin and state of the world and other bits and pieces (but rather important bits and pieces).

I tend to be really open minded about my writing, feel free to send me a message if you have anything you'd like to see in or ask about Utopia.

My motivation currently is both my sisters bugging me for updates about it (I made the mistake of letting my family read it now they are determined that I will finish it) but feel free to be extra motivation and I don't mind people just reviewing asking me to update!

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