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pokes microphone* He--hello? Is this thing on...?

poke* Hello?

echo: HEllloooo, Helllooooo, heelllooooo*echo*

Right...*clears throat*

My name is Raven, as you can see. Actually, it's Samara *spooky music*. No, no it's not really. It's...something much more boring. But I wish my name was Natsuki, cause Natsuki Takaya is my hero.

I am ageless...wooo. Well, approching 18 at an alarming rate anyway. I am a bit of a Yuki /Kyo fan, and Kyo is so *squee*. Yes, I do wish to run off and have an affair with a manga character. -.-

Hmm...what else? Oh, I love teh slash. It is my favy. And thus I will be writting slash.

I really am not this chearful. What you see right now is Yuki/Kyo slash induced madness.

But that should be saved for fanfiction.

I have a love for horror, blood, and evil crossdressing villains. o.O

I also love Japan, and wish to go there. YAY Japan *waves flag*

But I am British, so you will see teh ebil (to quote Josh) sense of humour.

Love you all...well, no I don't really.


P.S: The most common asked question is not "what is the meaning of life?" but "where did I park my car?"

Chauvinistic Equality by Bright Green reviews
Short stories and poems from 2005.
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