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IMPORTANT NOTE: I am now open for beta-ing! E-mail me if you're interested, or say so in a review.

October 20, 2004

Willowwind: (bounces in) Hi! I'm new here! Well, it's sort of obvious...ANYways, I have been writing stories for quite some time now, and I already have several chapters ready to go. And since there's no stupid three-day waiting thingee like there is on fanfiction.net, I'll post the first chapter of several stories. When I get a review, I'll post the next chapter for that story, and so on. Writing is my hobby, but I get writer's block a LOT, so most of my stories will go through several periods of a month (at the least) when they are not updated at all, or even worked on, for that matter. I also have trouble with names sometimes, so if a story is posted under 'No Name', or if you can think of a better name for the story, then PLEASE tell me the better name, and I'll probably change it. So...yes. I will be posting chapter one on fingers maybe two stories, probably more, possibly just one. Anyways, bye for now!

About Me:
Real name: WILLOWWIND! HONEST!!! (shifty eyes)
Lives in: Canada
Age: Somewhere between two and ten million. Start guessing.
Loves: WRITING, reading, friends, hyperness, chocolate
Hates: Boredom, WRITER'S BLOCK
Fav. Genres: Action/adventure, fantasy, SOME romance, and I can handle most things if they're well written.

Fav. Quote: (thismight change monthly): "The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck will be the day they make a VACCUM!" - Not sure - I found it on a quotes fic on here.



This is just a LONG one-shot poem that I wrote when I was feeling really angsty. Read it if you want. You don't have to. Probably wouldn't make sense to anyone but me...


Finishedand posted

The Legend of Nar
This is a story that I'm writing with my cousin. It's also the longest I have so far. So...if you see any grammar or spelling problems, tell me in an e-mail, 'cause...well...let's just say that my cousin's grammar isn't perfect. BUT NEITHER IS MINE, SO NO OFFENSE IS MEANT TO HIM WHATSOEVER. Anyways...the summary...I'm not too good at summaries, so if it sounds dumb, don't be fooled. It could be my best one. So, for the Legend of Nar, it's about these two teenagers (Luke and Faith). They're best friends, and one day, they go for a walk in the woods and get lost. Then...er...they get picked up by a giant raven and taken to the land of Nar, which, with the help of an old man, they must free from its tyrant ruler.


Prologue - finished and posted
Ch. 1 - finished and posted
Ch. 2 - finished and posted
Ch. 3 - finished and posted - NEW CHAPTER THREE!
Ch. 4 - finished and posted
Ch. 5 - finished and posted
Ch. 6 - finished and posted...AND I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO FIX THE CAPITALS AT THE BEGINNING!!! Muahaha...it tried to take away my sanity, BUT IT SHALL NOT SUCCEED!!! (cough) Ahem...
Ch. 7 - finished and posted
Ch. 8 - finished and posted
Ch. 9 - being worked on...

My cousin apparently has a fictionpress account, so here's the link, although as far as I know, he doesn't have anything posted...


About the ii on the end...kind of an inside joke... He may sound insane, and he may even look insane, but don't let that fool you. He's really insane.

Month 13
I am having a WHOLE bunch of trouble writing this, and I think that's cause it has one of my best plotlines ever, and I'm afraid of ruining it. It's about a girl named Kaitlyn. It's New Year's eve, and she's watching the countdown until New Years. Then, right before they shout 'happy New Year!', time freezes, but she's awake! She goes out and finds that others are awake too, and finally learns what is going on. READ TO FIND OUT WHAT...or analyze the title. Your choice.


Prologue - finished and posted
Ch. 1 - about 50 percent finished. And doing very well, might I add?

I also have some other ideas for stories, but they aren't nearly formed enough to be called stories, or given titles. Until later!


May 30, 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates to anything recently. Have been very busy, you see. Anyhow, I'm almost done ch. 1 of Month 13. Now if someone would read it...

May 9, 2006

Wow, almost a whole year. BAD WILLOW! Anyhoo, we're still working on the Legend of Nar...slowly... Another story will come here soon, although it may be under someone else's name. It's a joint story. Sooo... (likes to pretend people actually read these) The updates will come eventually, slow though they be! Later!

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