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March 29, 2005 -
Kiersten -I have no control over it... It's back... It is no use anymore to try and fight it... It gives me too much pain... Please, if you know me extremely well (you guys know who you are), then you would know what I'm talking about... It is pulling me down... farther and farther... I'll I can ask of you guys is not to worry, please don't... That is the most you can do for me unless you know how to stop it... Help me...

March 13, 2005
- hey, you guys! i changed our name, if you can't tell... it is just the mumbo four... no now two... it's been a long time since i've been on (i'm on my dad's computer), so i think i should update you on my life:
1) my parents know about michael.
2) my grandma is intown right now (the arab one)
3)i have sent "the wilted rose" into scholastic (but i don't know if i'm publishing)
4) and we just signed a contract on our house.
other than that, you have missed much of me... i've been as boring as ever... right now, i'm just wishing i was in st. lucia already with my family... I CAN'T WAIT! it's gonna be my first time on a trip without that dumb card... don't ask... anyways, still visit my account, ok? luv y'all!

le 18 janvier

Kiersten - i dont give a damn, y do u?

Emily - i am now officially not part of the mumbo four. valdes sent me a message that said sumthin about gay and not hating me, so im obviously not friends with him. he has no idea just how much control he has over my heart...he knows more about me than any person on this earth...i wonder if he knows that? i wonder if he cares...probably not. i wonder if he knows just how many times hes made me cry...he made me cry just now. neil is acting freaky and barely talkin to me anymore, and i dont know what to do about kiersten. im goin back to my old plan...ignore everyone and have no friends. well matilda thinks im a preppy freak, kiersten doesn't seem to care whether i talk to her or not, ryun told someone else that im a bitch and i need to go fuck a cow(right back atcha, ryun) valdes thinks im a gay fag or sumthin like that, i dont know what neil thinks and i dont care anymore. i can think of one person who i care about and who cares about me right now - my sister. kaleigh is the only one who never gets mad at me, who i never fight with...iv never fought with her. this is the last you guys will be seeing of getting off this account for good right after i post this. i wont take down my stuff, because i like it. but there's no more mumbo four...say hi to the "mumbo three".

Mike - he's busy making me cry

Neil - You killed her mike. There IS limits to everything. Life isn't a joke. If I tell you a secret like the one saying I LIKE EMILY, YOU TELL EVERYONE AND LAUGH IT OFF! THATS WHAT YOU DO! I QUIT TOO! THIS IS STUPID! OK?! CALL IT THE MUMBO TWO NOW!

le 5 janvier

Kiersten - her comp is still down

Emily - OK I lied. I told two people. Kate and Kiersten now know. But NO ONE ELSE!! and K were sitting right next to each other at church but we passed notes the WHOLE time it was SOO fun. I'm supposed to be in the shower. My brother is a sick perverted freak. You don't even want to know why. My screen name is Keeperofsecrets, but I'm beginning to hate secrets. Mike, if you even read this(which i doubt) when are you gonna ask Kiersten? Whatever. I have to go. I'll add more in a little bi- no i have to call K. Tomorrow, I promise! Bye!

Neil - non

Mike - non

le4 janvier

Kiersten - nothing yet or probably today or for a while since her internet is still down...i forgot to call her, shoot.

Emily - Hi all you people! I can't talk very much today. We're finally back at school, and boy is it a relief. Kiersten got yelled at by all of her teachers except one, and I can't remember who. We got our new connections, and I have PE with Coach Candelario. Emy Nikolina is trying to convince me to go out for flag football, even though I suck at it and all sports. I don't want to...ARGH! But anyways...maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be cancelled tomorrow. We both want to quit chorus, but my parents won't let me. She's going to PE tomorrow. ...I just told Mike a BIG IMPORTANT SECRET secret. It's very secret. I'm not gonna tell ANYONE else. Well maybe one person. But not ANYONE ELSE. Because...well let's just say it concerns someone and they're gonna wanna know, but if I tell them that might seriously mess up our friendship. Which would suck. So I'm probably not gonna tell anyone. I didn't even mean to tell Mike, but he weaseled it out of me. And besides, all that counselor crap actually helps! No offense to counselors, they just bug me. Well I'm bored, and it's 9:49:51 PM as I write this. So I'm getting off. Goodbye...PS. READ AND REVIEW MY CHAP!!! ITS COOL!!!! and immature, but mainly cool.

Neil - nothing yet and probably not tonight

Mike - nothing yet, because he almost never gets on. He just got on that one time to post his chapter. I'll probably get him on again in a few days. hmm...i wonder if I can get him to ask her on here...evil planning is FUN!!

le deux janvier

Kiersten ~ nothing yet

Emily ~ No. Only I get bold. Cuz I'm special. You can do underline or italics. But only I get bold.Meanie. Look at my hand today and you'll geta shock!! WHEE!!! I'm soooo happy and giddy. And now I have to go. Because Mom will kill me if she catches me on the computer. SO bye.

Neil ~ Nothing yet

Michael ~ Nothing yet

le premier janvier

Kiersten ~ nothing yet

Emily ~ I counted. This is the 7th day ina row that I have either been first to update or the only one to update. Grr...I almost wish Neil was back from Florida so I could argue with him. He'll be back on the 3rd, though. I know because he's going to Mikes party. I'm having lots of weird dreams about Mike's party. Like one where Kiersten and I started attacking each other in the car, and one where no one would speak to me so I went over to Michael Wolf and them and they started calling me "Rad" as a nickname and like, made me one of them! Which was cool, but weird cuz they're the coolest guys in school. Although I still think...hmm...never mind. And then there was one where I found out that Kiersten and Michael had made me a school legend under the name "Rad", and like made me the coolest girl in school. Except no one knew that I was Rad. It was cool. But freaky. All of them were freaky, actually. Lots of them had Michael Wolf in them. Huh. And in one we became like best friends and hung out all the time and junk which was cool. But you probably don't want to hear about that. So...BYE!

Neil ~ Yay! Hey evryone! I AM BACCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! woah, that is a big back. ok...My vacation was great. Miami is paradise. I saw all these actors old houses'. I mean RICH, COOL, AND BIG houses. We went on a little cruise ship too. We t

Michael ~ Nothing yet

le 31 decembre

Kiersten ~ nothin yet

Emily ~ Wow this is SO WEIRD!! I'm the first to update for like 3 days straight! Well, today I went out with Kiersten, sort of a birthday celebration. It was me, her, and Helena. Sara was supposed to come but her grandpa got sick and she had to babysit, which sucks. So we had a toast. And yummy italian food. I got her a game and music, and Helena got her $20 to Lifeway, the christian store, and this holiday pack of Jelly Bellies, which were SO COOL because she got the little booklets in English, German, and Arabic. And Kierstens dad(who I met for the first time today) said I was good at Arabic. ME, of all people! I'm happy. We rapped to Numb Encore and went to see the Lemony Snicket movie too, which was a 9 from 1 to 10(ten best, one worst) Well altogether, we rated it about an 8.5, but I picked 9. I had sooooo much FUN!!!!! YAY! Happy New Year, everybody!

Neil ~ nothin yet

Mike ~ nothin yet

le 30 decembre

Kiersten ~ Nope nada zip zero zilch

Emily ~ Am I the only one who gets online anymore?! Argh...well whatever. Neil isn't back from Florida yet. I know, because he said earlier this break that he would be in Daytona or whatever on New Years. So he's not back, which means I'm still happy. Oh, and I had this weird dream about Mikes party. And there was a soundtrack! Sort of...but the first song was "The Reason" by Hoobastank and then "Girl Can Rock" by Hilary Duff and then "Beautiful Soul" by Jesse McCartney, who is SOOOO HOT!!! EEE! And then..."Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson and the last one was "Lose It" by Eminem. Weird, eh? But Jesse McCartney IS really so is Orlando Bloom!!! YUMMY YUMMY!!!! Ok I'm done. I have to go buy Kiersten's birthday present. So...BYE BYE!!!!!

P.S. I'll try to get the next convo/poem/blogish thingie up as soon as I can. I just have to figure out what I'm gonna do! Until then, it's Neils turn to write the next chapter.

Neil ~ Grr...No bloggy thingie

Michael ~ Is it fun being 13? But no bloggy thingie.

le 29 decembre

Kiersten~ NO BloggY ThingiE...Her computer is broken, so she probably won't be able to put up a bloggy thing.

Emily~ Hi all you peoples! It's Mikes birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!!!!!!! Just felt like putting that. This morning he imed me and this is what it said: IM 13 IM 13 IM 13 IM 13...and on and on like that. I think I'm getting sick. Kiersten's birthday is on the first of January, New Years day. That is so cool. My birthday is in July. I don't know when Neil's birthday is and frankly, I don't give a damn. But now I have to clear something up: I do not hate Neil. Rather, I am trying to make Neil hate me. It seems to be working. It's fun. I haven't talked to him earlier. Before Christmas. He's deleted from all my messenger lists, all my address books, and blocked from contacting me virtually. Sort of extreme, yes, but I don't particularly care. The only problem is that he'll be at Mike's party(the third of jan) and back at school(on the fourth). So then I'll have to deal with him. Oh well. I can always just ignore him. I bet he doesn't know what I got for CHRISTMAS!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!! He would probably love it too...but he still likes Kiersten's best friend, Sara Beth Bodeep. So I dunno...he might still be obsessed with her. I wouldn't know. If he deletes this he's dead. er. than he already is. AND IM GONNA KICK THEIR BUTTS ON THE ICE!!!!!!!!!! OH YAH!!!!!!! Ok I'm done now. Hope everybody had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! And Hannukah...and Kwanzaa...and Diwali...and all those other holidays. Happy New Years!

Neil~ He's in Florida. Thank GOD for small blessings. But he might be able to get on. But no bloggy thingie...YET.

Michael~ It's his BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday, Mike! 13 punches! heehee...I wouldn't punch you. Well...not hard. But no bloggy thingie...YET

December 27

Kiersten - hi! ^^ i'm hyper too! SUGAR! I HAD FOUR SODAS! WITH CAFFEINE! ^^ my computer isn't working with the Internet! DARN IT! this sucks... :growls:

Emily- WHEE!! HYPERNESS! KIERSTEN IS STANDING NEXT TO ME!!!! And we're talking to Mike while listening to Vanessa Carlton...odd. Whatever. I don't hate Neil...rather,I want him to hate me. It's not working. Darn it. Michael is CRAZY!!!!! WHEE!!!!!


Michael- Hey, cool, im on fictionpress, AWESOME! Cool! I can see me typing! Awesome! Im putting my words in fictionpress, and everything can see wut im putting! Awesome! My name is MIKE, NOT MICHAEL. Im spazzy. YAYSE!

le 26 Decembre

Neil- Hey yall. I am still in Florida. It is really nice. I miss the Mumbo Four so much. Except emily, she hates me. Em~do not!!! The Mumbo Four might fall apart. At least i have kiersten and mike. Luv ya guys. See ya. And EMILY, I AM FREAKING SORRY! too bad

le 25 Decembre!!!! WOOO!!!!!!

Kiersten~ NO BLOGGY THING!!!!!

Emily~MERRY CHRISTMUHANNUKWANZAKAH!!!!!!!!! If you can't figure that out, its CHRISTMas HANNUkah and KWANZAa all put together!!! WHEEEEEEE!!!! Don't ask me, I got it from Andre Johnson. So anyways, today is CHRISTMAS!!!!! I have a DIGITAL CAMCORDER!!!!! That has DIGITAL CAMERA CAPABILITY!!!! I'm so happy, I'm probably the happiest person alive. I'm not even looking at the screen right now, I"m staring at it. It's charging. It's blue and black and silver. It's awesome. I also have an MP3 player on the floor by my foot. It's blue too. And sort of a creamy gold.I love it also. Well, I gotta go. Sister's B/F is comin over in a bit, so I have to get ready. YUCK! NOOO NOT JACOB!!!!!!! I don't like him much, he pokes me excessively. BYE BYE! And hope your Christmas was as TOTALLY WICKED as mine!!!!

P.S. Kiersten, did you JUST realize I was crazy? I can't believe it took you that long...



le 24 decembre(If you don't know what that says, you have issues, It's OBVIOUS

Kiersten~ it is official! Emily is crazy! omg! i'm bored... whatever...

Emily~ HI ALL YOU PEOPLE!! I'm so bored...AndI actually beat Kiersten to this, for like the first time ever. If you can't tell, I set up all the stuff for today, such as the date and everyones name. Whee! You should check out my other FP account, MJ Ice. Because if you're bored and crazy enough to be reading this(don't worry, the crazy part isa GOOD thing) then you are bored and crazy enough to review my stuff. Pretty please? YAY!! I"M HYPER!!!! WOOHOOO!! And they spoketh hurrah and wenteth off to findeth the wholey graiL!!!! And chocolate, because I liketh chocolate. You got a problem with that, punk?! YOU WANNA MESS?!?!? I didn't think so.

P.S. It's bolded because I felteth like it.



December 23, 2004 -
Kiersten~ okay, i'm bored... i'm gonna fall asleep... YAY! michael is back from florida! yay! and helena is gonna be back from california tomorrow! YAYNESS! i'm happy now! ^^

Emily - I don't like bloggy I have to do one? it BORES ME!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I'm STILL not speaking to Neil. SO THERE!! :P and i Have a new account...HAHAHA!!

Neil - no message yet.

Michael - no message yet.

December 22, 2004 -
Kiersten ~ i just wanna tell you that my new pen name for FP is "lost in a shadowed life"! anyways, now, ishall care on with my plan! mwahahahaha! y’mzõxx kêxë’gzë’ñàkkxb! qïñõk-wú’fïkmà~zà’mfïõtm xàmgïw! gzõ-àêxb qï’hï! mwahahaha! beware me! BEWARE! MWAHAHAHA! I'M GOING CRAZY! WhEe!

Emily - no message yet.

Neil - no message yet.

Michael - no message yet.

December 21, 2004 -
Kiersten ~ i'm hyper... WhEe! i'm writing at least 3 other stories right now by myself and this one with emily, neil, and michael! it isn't the easiest thing ever! AHHH!!! TO MUCH WRITING! the three stories i'm currently working on are: "hearts of crystal: the wilted rose: the book of asö" (that's the story that has a fan club for! ^^), "anchoret" (i'm not sure if i'm going continue it even though i have a bunch of good reviews for it...), and "the black flame" (it is the diary of ziarre chalhoub :cough cough:). emily, neil, michael, and i are thinking of titles for the story we are working on. so far, neil said "the ties of friendship" and i said "tangled four"... we'll find something eventually! ^^

Emily - no message yet.

Neil - no message yet.

Michael - no message yet.

December 20, 2004 -
Kiersten~ peek-a-boo! i'm kiersten and i'm one of the four of the mumbo four! my other FP account name is "the black flame"! basically, this account has been made for the stories that neil, emily, michael, and i all write together. or stories that at least two of the members wrote together! this is fun! yay!

Emily - no message yet.

Neil - Hello! I am Neil(aka Darkness and Dreams) and I am one of the mumbo four. The mumbo four are a group of friends. we are best of friends. i wouldn't give them up for anything. we are all writing stories together on this account. thanks for listening to m' chatter!

Michael - no message yet.
The Potato Baby by name withheld reviews
A teenage girl, Adelaide, has a MAJOR crush on this guy, Chase. One problem: He's her BEST FRIEND'S brother. Who does NOT want them to be together. Adelaide's mother is an alcoholic AND a stoner who doesn't give a crap what she does. HOW WILL IT END?
Fiction: General - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,611 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 3 - Published: 12/12/2004