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Hello! My name is Rachel! (I'm sure you already know that though.) Here's a bit of info on myself:

Name: Rachel

Age: 20

Occupation(s): Sophomore in college, grocery store cashier, florist, greenhouse plant care specialist.

I have been writing all my life (since I could write), but I don't think it was until the end of 8th grade that I actually began to consider it as a career. Ever since then I have been writing when I find the chance. People often say that practice makes perfect, but in my own experience, practice makes permanent. It proves much more difficult to unlearn something than it is to learn something. That's why I embrace all forms of critism. I believe that an outsider's view on writing gives the writer more to think about, therefore learning to understand how people read, how they react to certain literary devices, and how the stories in general make them feel. My point? I LOVE constructive critisism!

Here's a little bit about my favorite story, Prophecy of a Hero. I've been working on this story for three years now, but it hasn't really been a priority for me. Just more of a hobby.


Elodie: Thought she was doomed to a life of aristocracy. She didn't fit in at the finishing school, especially since she fought back with all of her teachers. She tends to be a bit narrow-minded, as well as rude, and can get a tad cocky. She's your typical tom-boy stuck pretending to be the prissy little girl everyone wants her to be. Until she meets Darius that is.

Darius: The charming (and handsome) man who appears out of nowhere one day, to bring Elodie away from her finishing school. His personality can range from high and kingly to that of a silly-minded boy, willing to make fun of Elodie for anything. A third personality is also present, a dark, and almost forboding one. We don't see it much, but when it comes out, it sure is scary.

Aldred: A mysterious man resembling that of a pig. He seems to have many secrets, his identity being the largest.

Arik: The cute weapons master, as well as the horse trainer for the royal family. He seems to be a truly genuine character - a young man who knows exactly who he is, and what he wants.

Jisella: Elodie's step sister. When they first met, they didn't like each other, but because of circumstances out of their control, they grew to be friends.

Little preview for my Prophecy Readers...because I got bored a couple weeks ago:

Who is this mystery man? Yes! A mysterious man with red eyes!

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