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I like to read, and Lynn Flewelling is the best author ever, what are you doing here? go read her books if you haven't yet. I used to be a Mercedes Lackey fan, but I'm not too into her fantasy anymore. I like emails, they're fun, so are reviews!
Lets see, I'm a now a freshmen in college! (didn't think it would ever happen), I like computers (woot cs, I'm not a nerd I swear! -nose grows a couple inches-). I'm not very good at english(even though it's the only (non-programming) language I speak), but I like writing anyways. I'm also adicted to computers, one time, mine died, and I almost went insane after a week, I practically live on the internet. I discovered fictionpress last year, and I can't get enough of it, I mean I don't have to leave my computer and go to the library, and their are so many storys out there!

Also, my stories don't tend to be very realistic, but the story Scraps, is based off a true story, at least everything in the notes is true. Othere than that though, I tend not to live in the real world, anti-social much?, oh and my roommates awesome! umm yeah, anyways feel free to read whatever you want, but don't say I didn't warn you.

After much deliberation and false starts, I've decided to keep the original ending I had planned for Sound of Darkness, so it is complete, and in my opinion horribly written. It just doesn't flow for me, but you can read it if you want.

My new pet is Sound of Hope, the title has nothing to do with sound of darkness, I was just in a paralistic mood (if thats even a word). It might be a little clicheed but I don't know. It's hard to describe.

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Bless Me Father by ILGMA reviews
Yeah, perfectly normal', Drake thought, attempting to ignore the aching bulge in his pants. 'If said peer was a girl...' Two Catholic school boys, one distraught and the other confused. Slash.
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Perhaps a short story where the narrator describes their feelings about the death of their dad written in a diary-like format. The narrator is based of the writer of the notes in my other story scraps.
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Grades reviews
Just a poem about being nervous before a test
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The Sound of Hope reviews
( m/m slash ) He thought he'd never escape, but when he does is life really that much better? After being discovered of talent, Emial is sent to an elemental school to train his gifts and meets crazy friends.
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Just a poem, can be about anything depending on how you look at it, at least I think so, please read and review.
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Becoming the Enemy reviews
I think the title is all you need to know, I guess it explains what it is about, because else I might instill ideas I might not want to put in your head. So please just read and review.
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This Perfect God reviews
After learning about existentialism I have finally come to a conclusion about God that I can accept. Do not read if you believe that God is the embodiment of all that is good, or if you do not wish to be open minded. Please read and review.
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Scraps reviews
It's about a girl who's writing a diary about the death of her father, and the boy who finds it. Please read and review. [completed]
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About what happened because of my stupidness and anti-social-not-good-with-peopleness, or something to that extent, please read and Review!
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After a near death experience Dar finds his life forever changed, and must rebuild his life in a scientifically advanced compound different from anything he's come accross before. (slash, m/m) [Completed] please read and review!
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