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Astray Genesis



Neural Evolutionary Extended Terrestrial. A phenomenon that has only surfaced in the last three decades. Individuals who are labelled as NEXTs usually exhibit some form of psychic prowess, normally by reading others thoughts or predicting actions going on behind them. Many don’t even realise their NEXTs until they hear the voices of other NEXTs within their own heads. Normals view NEXTs with a mix of fear and curiosity as no one really understands the cause or the meaning of the phenomenon. When piloting an Armour Slave with a built in POLA System they are even able to produce reality warping particles that grant each a unique ability, like Zack Shrike's insane speed and g-force nullification. However tests show these powers are still subject to the individuals natural reflexs (as discovered by the number of hills, mountains, etc. with Astray Genesis shaped craters in them).


A new term introduced after the first NEXTs where discovered to differentiate ‘Normal’ people from the new NEXT individuals.

Armour Slave

Standard weapon used mainly by Zeta during the Sphere War. Massive humanoid, highly articulated mechanoids that where originally developed by Professor Amadeus Lloyd for the Pacific Union. The first machine proved to be a disaster as the advanced control systems literally reduced all but one of the test pilots to vegetables, the surviving pilot suffered psychotic episodes for the rest of her life. The second was less powerful but a resounding success; however it was too expensive to mass produce.

The designs for the Astray Genesis and Griever where later reviewed a year later and used to produce the Core Slave series, though they where only produced in small numbers.

Shortly there after the Zeta Union acquired the plans for the first two machines and developed the first Lion machines. Within months of the first production the Lions where in full mass production and three months before the war started Lions out numbered Core Slaves 100 to 1.

Core Slave

Limited production Armour Slaves with modular parts. Although they are as powerful as the original prototypes they suffer the same distinct weakness all early Armour Slaves have, they can’t fly. During the first nine months of the Sphere War the Core Slaves where the only thing other then conventional fighters able to tackle the overwhelming numbers of Lions the Zeta Union where throwing out thanks to their thick armour. By the beginning of the second year of the War they began to see less and less action until the first Thirds where introduced at which point they where permanently retired from service.

Mobile Reflex Frame

A skeleton based construction method for Armour Slaves. The Astray Genesis was the only machine to feature this method until the AS-H301 Manta was introduced six months into the war. Machines with this frame are more agile then their Monocoque frame built cousins, able to twist and turn at a rate considered 80 human like.


A term referring to all First Generation Armour Slaves, those being the AS-X01 Astray Genesis, AS-X02 Griever, Earth’s limited production Core Slaves and Zeta Unions ZS-F10D Lion Armour Slaves. Most where produced before the start of the Sphere War.


Second Generation Mass Produced Armour Slaves that entered production during the first year of the Sphere War. The AS-A101 Juggernaught, AS-M102 Sabre, AS-H301 Manta, ZS-F12E Sabre Lion and ZS-F15V Grandhorn are among the more obvious Seconds of the Sphere War. The Manta being the only one among them using a Mobile Reflex Frame like the Astray Genesis, allowing it to transform for faster underwater movement.


Third Generation Armour Slaves developed during the second year of the Sphere War. The first of the Thirds was the ZS-F17A Grand Lion and its F-17B NEXT pilot variation, one of which was piloted by Sin Fuhrer and was used to successfully defeat the ‘Unstoppable Astray Genesis’ in single combat. Other Thirds include the AS-X13 Astray Striker, AS-X14 Astray Gunner, AS-X15 Astray Tempest, AS-X16 Astray Vortex, AS-X17 Astray Carnage and AS-X18 Astray Spectre used by NEXT pilots Zack Tempest and the Astray Five and several other mass produced machines. All Thirds are built with Mobile Reflex Frames.

Savage Shroud

External armour additions originally built for the AS-X02 Griever that include power loaders to increase it’s physical power and additional vernier thrusters to improve performance. The system mounted a pair of shoulder mounted railguns and micro missile racks as well as retractable chainsaw claws. It was modified to include a chest mounted particle cannon after the Beowulf Mercenary Company acquired the AS-X15 Astray Tempest. A second Savage Shroud was built and adapted for use by the AS-X01 Astray Genesis so it could use beam weapons.

P.O.L.A. System

Psyche Over Limit Analyser. A special system first installed in the AS-X01 Astray Genesis designed to allow pilots to mentally interface with their machines, proved fatal for many pilots who attempted to activate the Genesis. It was discovered years later NEXTs could not only successfully interface with the system but could push the equipped machine much further then anticipated. Only the Astray machines and the mass produced ZS-F17B Grand Lion feature the system.

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