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Scarlett's Work: Long Stories

NOTE - While I will leave these summaries here for now, all three of these long stories have been removed for serious editing and improvement.

The Evil Men Do: (Drama/Romance/Angst, R) A story of two brothers in a burgeoning British rock band, "The Evil Men Do", who are both at war with each other and themselves. Evander, the older of the two, is a solitary and unfriendly twenty-five year old, who shuns romance. Charlie, at twenty-one, is cheerful and energetic, and an unashamed womaniser.

As they record their first album and gain popularity in their native London, Evander grapples with cold, troubled Leigh, the band's lead guitarist - a woman he never wanted to love but can't seem to let go of. Charlie finally seems to have settled down with art student Isabelle Fairfax. The only thing is that she is the mirror image of an old flame of his that he lost under tragic circumstances. Charlie keeps trying to replace his old love with a new one who looks just like her, and Evander is sick of his brother's selfish actions. He doesn't want to see Isabelle get hurt, especially since he's falling for her himself...

Commit to Memory: (Drama/Romance/Tragedy, R) Ephram Carlson is an award-winning actor who has it all, beautiful house, beautiful career, beautiful wife. But what happens when their fairy tale marriage becomes his worst nightmare? Ephram's beautiful wife Blythe is lying to him, and her betrayal hurts him more than anything ever has in his young life.

The once cool and calm Ephram goes off the rails, as Blythe flees to her parent's home in Scotland. After some shocking news, Ephram chases after her, but tragedy hits, and Blythe, as he knows her, is taken from him forever. How will Ephram deal with the loss of the wife he had decided never to love again?

Life After Death: (Tragedy/Mystery/Romance, R) As children, the Somerville boys, Jesse, Cal and Adam, and Reid girls, Mikayla and Alex, played together day after day. This childhood bond is abruptly broken when the Reid daughters move away under mysterious circumstance, leaving Jesse and Cal heartbroken over Mikayla, whom they had both fallen for. As the years pass them by, the brothers go their separate ways, leaving their home town for college, career and travel.

When Mikayla is brutally murdered, all three brothers are drawn back to their home town and back into the Reid family's lives. Has this devastating death got anything to do with the case that the girl's father Neal Reid worked on years ago? Neal sent teenage murdererer and rapist Matthew Colton to jail for life... is he exacting revenge - or is it some new threat? The Somerville brothers are working hard to discover just what is going on, and on the way, they each feel how strong the bonds of love can be - and how they never go away, not even in death.

Selected Short Stories

Of Wolf and Man: (Drama/Angst, PG-13) This is named after the Metallica song of the same name. On the day that he turned seventeen Jake Rowan killed his brother, and ever since, he's been running. Running away from his home, running away from the ghost of his brother, running away from himself. Until one day, he stops running. And it's all because of one fateful day in the mountains, when he met a wolf and a man.

Their Betrayal: (Angst/Drama/Romance, R) How does an affair begin? How did this affair begin? They didn't know. But now that it had, they couldn't see an end to it. All they saw was pain and obsession, and an undeniable fire and passion that kept them coming back to each other.

Sycamore Walk: (Comedy/Drama, PG) The lives of four people living in a suburban neighbourhood all intertwine one day. How do the lives of Felicity Atkinson, a single mother of three, William Abbott, an over-worked banker, Sam Croft, a lonely teenager, and Judge Merriweather, a bitter old man, all connect? Find out on Sycamore Walk.

Don't Go Outside: (Supernatural/Mystery, PG-13) Daniel has a gift and it must be protected from those who want to take it from him. Elizabeth is one of those who has to protect him. But she isn't strong enough to do so, and when the time comes for Daniel to be taken by Them, she finds herself failing him. Daniel's gift is calling Them, and They want it.

One Day: (Comedy/Romance, PG) One day a boy met a girl. He wasn't anyone special, and neither was she. They were just looking, looking for someone in this wide world to call their own.


Scarlett here. This is about me.

- Born in November 1987.
- Currently 5'3", not likely to grow anymore.
- Black hair. Brown eyes.
- English and Film.
- Running, yoga and callesthenics.
- Writing.

Music: Green Day, Story of the Year, Coheed and Cambria, The Rasmus, My Chemical Romance, Bon Jovi, Meat Loaf, Funeral for a Friend, Lostprophets, Jimmy Eat World, Finch, The Offspring, Linkin Park, Hell is for Heroes, Fightstar, Metallica, Hell is for Heroes, Guns 'n' Roses, Brand New.

Books: "Harry Potter" series - JK Rowling, "Princess Diaries" series - Meg Cabot, "Chocolat", "Five Quarters of the Orange"and "Holy Fools" - Joanne Harris, "Gone With The Wind" - Margaret Mitchell, "Spellbound" - Jane Green, "Kingdom of Shadows - Barbara Erskine, "Shoeless Joe" - W.P. Kinsella.

Movies: Chocolat, Gladiator, LotR trilogy, Divine Secrests of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Gone With The Wind, The Village, Moulin Rouge, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Edward Scissorhands, American History X, The Princess Bride, Speed, Pirates of the Caribbean, Signs.

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