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Name: Hmmm...well, I'm not gonna tell you that. But everyone is always shrinking Amarelle down to "Mare" for some reason...I'll answer to that. I answer to everything, but I think "Oh Great Wonderful Queen of the Universe" is my favorite. But only my Beanie Baby dragon calls me that... Okay, so I like stuffed dragons. He's cute, so don't give me that look.

Age: 18, going on 60 with all the gray hairs life loves to give me.

Job: I work at Tim Horton's. Not a bad job, the assistant managers are funny as all hell, the boss likes making farting sounds over the headset, our back room sounds like a meadow because we're infested with crickets...( no joke, we really are!) and I like coffee. I really, really like coffee... ... Did I mention I like coffee? And employees drink it FREE. If you don't like coffee, you're rolling your eyes, and there's no possible way you can understand, so I won't waste my breath. If you happen to be like me and enjoy the lovely hazel cup fill with a little sugar and French vanilla creamer, the lovely aroma, the rustle of coffee beans... Nuff said. Good thing I don't work at Starbucks as well.

From: Rochester, NY, USA. If you don't live here...I envy you. If you are thinking of visiting here...I'm warning you. If you live here...I feel your pain. Let me put it this way. It's almost April, the highest it's gone to it 55 degrees (Farenheit), and there has been only one sunny day this month. Ah well, it's home.

Update on above location: I wrote that in April (obviously) It is now August and has been nearly 100 with perfect score humidity. Thank you Rochester. (That was said with EXTREME sarcasm)

School: Incoming freshmen at Roberts Wesleyan College in my home town. Geez, I wine about Rochester then decide not to move out of state for college... (voices in my head: "That's because you're a loser." Me: Bangs head on desk.) I will be studying English Communications and Psychology.

Height: 5'6 3/4" Wishing I was just a tad bit taller. I need the head start before my brothers go into an inevitable growth spurt. The milk isn't working!!! Maybe it doesn't count since it comes in my coffee...

Hair: Ashy brown, very curly... I wore it short 'cause longer it looks like an aphro. I'm growing it out now, hopefully I can get it to reach mid-back.

Eyes: Hazel, wanna get some gold contacts.

Likes: READING (I'd rather read a good book than go out on a date...sad, I know). Writing; (duh). Anime including Gundam Wing, The Petshop of Horrors, and DNAngel. Frappucinos, Cappucinos, Iced Cappucinos, Buttercaramel Coffee (ya' sensing a trend here?). Late night curfews (I actually don't have one)... JEANS. I could not survive without jeans (who invented them anyway?)...And shirts with quippy sayings. If anyone finds where you can buy a shirt that says: "I am a bomb technician. You see me running, try to keep up." I would really appreciate it if you could tell me. Movies include: Last Samurai, Pirates of the Caribbean, Endless Waltz, Bourne Supremacy... (I'll add more here later.) Music: Pilar, Evanscience, Greenday, Andrea Bocelli, Toby Mac...Eh, screw it. I like a good song, doesn't matter what genre it's from. My brand new laptop. (*hugs it*) My stuffed dragon, as mentioned above(And I don't wanna hear it, I am too 18 years old...!) Cross-country hiking.

Dislikes: People who say reading is dumb and boring, but as you're on this site READING this...I suppose you're not one of those, kudos to you! Bananas. I know they're healthy, I just can't put one in my mouth without gagging. Nails (or chalk) on a chalk board...*shivers just thinking about it* And my senior year ENGLISH TEACHER. Yeah, I know, they're supposed to be the good guys, right? Uh uh. She was brilliant, don't get me wrong, but you try learning from the most opinionated (I don't think I spelled that right...Hey this thing doesn't have spellcheck?!) woman on earth. (sigh) Um, I don't think I hate much else...Oh. Yeah. HUMIDITY. (I DON'T HAVE AIR CONDITIONING DAMN IT, SUMMER'S HELL!)

Good Points: Number One: I can put up with the annoying people...yeah, it is a gift. Number Two: While I don't have much time, I do love to reveiw. ^_^

Bad Points: Number One: I have been accused of being a perfectionist. If I see something done less than its potential, I'm itching to fix it. It makes me critical. Number Two: I am a procrastinator. That's why I haven't updated on for two years...Sorry peoples.

My writing: I love to write, however, I think in brainstorms. I can come up with a fantastic idea for a story, but keeping up the inspiration long enough to give it the attention it deserves is very difficult for me. So most of the stuff I will be putting up will be poems. Plus, if there is even one part of it I don't like, I scrap it. I think I might start a piece loosely (LOOSELY) based on my job. Trust me, I'll do my best to make it funny.

Well, that's DEFINATELY more about me than you'll ever care to know.

Hi! Well... I am really a novice here, so please go easy! I would consider myself a survivor of (pen name there is Kalorna Enera), but this place is a whole new kettle of fish. I've read only a few of the stories, and already I've noticed the writing style is a jump up the writing scale. I don't know if I'll be able to put outmuch of my own works yet, so I'm just going to enjoy reading yours for a while! Although I am gonna try very very hard to review those who review me, I get swamped (part of my perfectionalist complex, I have to do things several times). If you review me and want me to read 'n' reveiw your stuff, you gotta guilt me into doing it.

"Do not mess in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and good with ketchup." ~Anon

"Empires are not brought down by outside forces, they are brought down by weaknesses within." ~Lionel Luther from Smallville

"Nunquam lamiae morde me dice. - Never say 'bite me' to a vampire."~Anon (Courtesy of Opalish)

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