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...Eyeken. You can refere me as Eyeken. And don't steal my work and use it as your own, or I will find you. I am 15 and a proud Aries. March 29, 1990. I love writing stories, but I have not yet posted all of my Elements Of God Chapters. I write poems, mainly for those girls...but besides that Everyone in my story has a meaning t oits name. For example, Jaset. Which means, J.A.S.E.T =Jenny, Alisa, Sarah, Erica and Twins~ :'(. I love some anime, infact I have can go to Anime North free and bring anyone I want, so any of you girls that--...you get the point ;).

I live in Toronto, Ontario, and recently enetering a "Best In Ontario" Smash Bros tournament which of courseI am going to win~ I have one sis, who has epilepsy at nine months old. I am not going to put my whole life story here so if you wanna know more just email me, and my parents are seperated.

All I have to say is this, you don't hsve to read my stories, but if you do at least review them.