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Allright, so f* the emo profile. It's driving me nuts, although I'm keeping the last line because it makes me happy and sounds groovy(yes, I just seriously said groovy) Anyway, I feel like telling you too much about myself, so I'll do that now.

Name meanings and origins: Your first name of Learah has given you inspirational, idealistic, and dramatic qualities. You have a clever, deep mind and the talent to excel in highly inspirational lines of endeavour as a dramatist, musician, writer, or artist. You can be lifted by beauty in all forms and are at the most creative when inspired. Your expressive, affectionate nature responds quickly through your feelings, but you must guard against being possessive and jealous. According to the Kabalarian philosophy which is on the internet. Learahworks better than my real name, because the KP says that my name means I'm something called...oor-gahn-iz-eed...what is this oor-gahn-iz-eed? Kaelar comes from my favorite novel by Elizabeth Kerner which is called Song in the Silence. The main character's name is Lanen Kaelar and Kaelar means "wanderer" in that book. It's pretty kick ass.

Birthdate: March 6, 1989...yea pisces

Number of insane alter-egos: Too many to count...smile, Morwenn!

Ambition: To not have to A) be a starving artist under a box in Chicago B) be a starving artist in Kathy's basement C) work in a cubicle...*shudder* Basically, I just want to write.

What I want to write about: Anything which inspires me, really. If I may quote Keith Burgess from Stage Door "I write with POWER and TRUTH and THUNDER and LIGHTENING!" Or something like that. Rock on, Kevin! ...he's really good at being a self-absorbed ass-hole.

When I started writing: I don't know. I've always done it, I guess.

Is my writing based on my own experiences: My poetry usually is pretty much my own feelings, etc. My stories are more complicated. I mean, take Wings of a Faerie for instance. Did I ever sprout wings and win a war? No. Have I had issuessimilar to Merranae? Enough to write a story about it. I guess Emotionless is a lot more of myself though, I mean, it's not LITERALLY my life, but I keep rereading it and finding weird similarities. Kathy, if you're reading this, just WAIT till Mary comes...you'll jump back and scream 'wtf!' So I guess when I tell these stories, I'm dictating to you the story of these inspirations, but I'm also telling you about myself. Almost. Mom, get off the computer and stop analyzing me.

Am I depressed: Well, I'm on Zoloft, but I apparently have an 'anxiety disorder.' I don't know. I don't care. I'm not depressed. Some of my writing is depressing(see Drunk) but...no. Not depressed. Which is probably why I'm so happy-go-lucky I guess,because if I'm depressed, I write and then I 'm not depressed anymore. Which is why I was depressed for a WHOLE FUCKING WEEK because Mother decided to read my crap and analyze me. So I couldn't write anymore because I was afraid she'd see it, so it all got bottled up and EXPLODED. Which is why I write.

Why YOU are still reading this: Because you're either A) bored out of your mind B) a stalker ...you pick.

Why the REALLY personal stuff is not up here: My mom is a social worker. She thinks she can analyze my feelings from my poetry, and me, being the open, outgoing and all around STUPID STUPID STUPID person I am, gave her this site...and my name. ARGH! So now she analyzes everything I write, and she does it WRONG! Also, she has trouble separating ME from Shiori and Merranae. She doesn't realize that my stories are NOT autobiographies. She's dumb.

Marital Status: What the hell do you THINK? I'm sixteen, ya think I'm married? Ewwww...boys have cooties...now girls on the other hand...*smiles erotically/mischieviously*anyway, I'm single. And somewhat proud. Well, no. I just don't care. I think the only people on FP who put marital status down are those who are married or something...or me...

Fav. Bands: Yeah. Asian Kung-fu Generation (fondly known as aji-kan!)= the best band. Ever. So fuck you. YES! Yeah...apart from my aji-kan fetish, I suppose I'm into a lot of stuff...um...oh! I like Kanno Yoko a lot, and L'Arc~en~Ciel, The Pillows, Niagara, Hamasaki Ayumi,Gackt,Koda Kumi...Oh! I was at ACen and I heard a new band, Sushi Mamire. They're really cute, I like them. Um. Oh yeah. Some bands normal americans might know (I'm not too normal...) Panic! At the Disco, Bright Eyes, Green Day(pre-Warning), Gin Blossoms, Rilo Kiley,that's all I can think of...

Fav. Animes/Mangas:Full Metal Alchemist,Naruto(LOVE), Wolfs Rain, Hana-Kimi, ExcelSaga, .hack//sign, BLEACH(=amazing), D.N.Angel, Angel Sanctuary,Fruits Basket, Yami No Matsuei(RIKO!) X-Day, Paranoia Agent,MeruPuri, FLCL, Neia Under 7, that's it...well, and of course I love Miyazaki! Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite of his movies...which reminds me, I STILL need to read the book.

Forms of Nerdism Currently Practiced: Anime nerd, book nerd and I am also a practicing Choir Geek. Good times...good times...although I suppose I'm a bit of an outcast-choir geek, all things considered. See, at OUR school, there's a bit of a force field keeping me and my friend out...but it's AWESOME! We can do whatever the hell we want, and they don't HEAR or SEE us or anything...hee. Amazing.

Speaking of Books, these are awesome: As mentioned, Song in the Silence=love. It's kind of a girly book though...it's a bit disturbingly romantic...if you count the inter-species relationship bit for the first part of it...um, don't ask, actually... Okay, so my favorite authors EVER would have to be Garth Nix, Anne Rice, and Terry Pratchett, my favorite books of each of these authors would be Shades Children by Garth Nix, The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice, and Going Postal and Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett, although every one of his books are completely amazing! Oh, and I just finished a book I got for Christmas, and honestly, it's amazing! It's called Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey, and it's like, wow. I was crying, than laughing, than squealing, than sobbing my eyes out, than...well, sobbing more, than smiling happily, than laughing more than jumping up and down, than crying again, although that was because it ended...sniff sniff...I LOVE VANYEL, HE'S SO CUTE! and gay. Yes. Gay Mages are sexy...

Yeah. Another book I just read was Coin Locker Babies by Ryu Murakami. It's so COOL! I mean, it's fucke up and everything, and I spent a lot of the book with my mouth open in shock, but it was amazing, really. I mean...wow.

If you give me criticism: I will love you forever, especially if it's constructive.

Authors on FP who rock my socks: Archipelago, Miss Lovewell, x-Punk Kitty-x, William G. Thorne(who STILL hasn't updated), Enkay...and of course, Pothead Elli and the Elli-beans...don't ask..hehehe.

Authors who I want to be like: I've decided to strive for my writing to be, well, kind of a mix of Garth Nix, Anne Rice, and Terry Pratchett, and hope the concoction is something good...let's find out, shall we?

I need friends. Email me: at [email protected] my account is lying, by the way.

If you are only going to read one poem: I suggest "Thanksgiving", "Cloak of Lies", POSSIBLY "Drunk"or "Candy and Lullabies(revised)" Those are MY favorites...


I just realized most of this is utter CRAP. So I got rid of most of it...a little spring(or is it summer yet?) cleaning, no? :D Because I can. so yeah. Most of this is stuff that a) is from like...8th grade, freshman year or something and I thought it was cute or something (b) I'm pretty sure doesn't COMPLETELY suck... (c) is a complete mindfuck and I felt like screwing with you people (aka "the Tree" That one confuses me too, so don't feel too bad. It was a rant...poetry style. I think)

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