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either a stroke of brilliance, or insanity. Maybe both... Gummi-Arms came about when I was creating Gummi-ships on Kingdom Hearts. One day I was bored, and tried to make a gundam. It worked, and Gummi-Arms was born!

4/7/06: Today is of great importance, as it marks the birth of Gummi-Arms mk. 2, on Kingdom Hearts 2.

Author name: Greg

Age: 28


My plan of action as to updates is:
minor updates, such as corrections, will be done on an as-needed basis
major updates, such as the addition of new chapters to my story, will be done when I have both the time and content. In other words, don't expect me to be too regular about it.


Please review if you read. It isn't just that getting reviews makes me feel good, they do serve a practical purpose. They are not only a gauge of my success on this site, but can also be helpful tools in refining my technique. I wouldn't even mind someone giving me a nasty review if I was able to gain something from it. I'm not saying that I'd like someone just going off on me for no reason, but if you had a reason...

The other side of the coin is not getting reviews from people who have read my story. The problem is that, while people might hate my story and simply not want to comment on their reasons, they aren't really helping themselves. I can't really improve my story or fix whatever it is that bugs my readers if nobody tells me what the problem is.


As a courtesy to my fellow writers, I will attempt to review anyone who gives me a review. Please bear in mind that if you review anonymously, I can't be expected to do that because in all likelihood I don't know your profile. Also, and I will make this very clear, I don't do poetry! I am not a poet, nor do I have any knowledge of poetry. (Or at least, very, very little) If all you have is poems, don't expect me to be able to return your reviews. My final issue is that it might take a while to get back to you, so don't fret if there is a significant time lapse.

As for my reviews, I will try to be nice about them, but I will call things as I see them. Please understand that my suggestions are just that. You have no obligation to follow them, or even acknowledge them. If you think you have a better way of doing something than what I've told you, be my guest. After all, I'm just one man. I can't think of everything. And I will be the first to admit that I make mistakes.

Operation: The Wizard's Daughter:

Egomancy, the magic of changing one's persona. A rare gift that a special few are born with, and of those, fewer still come to realize it. The day that Lusia came to realize she had the gift, was the day that she awoke in a body that was not her own, surrounded by people that she didn't know on a world that wasn't hers. Before she can even come to terms with the situation, Lusia is whisked away to the local prince, and her life becomes increasingly complicated. 38 chapters. I am going to go through the first few chapters and clean them up a little bit. I won't be changing anything too important, hopefully, but do tell me what you think if you get the chance.

Operation: The Seal of Prayers

A monster sealed within her, the Azure Princess dwells within a tower designed to keep others out, and her inside. She is both a tyrant and a prisoner. Caitlin is an unlucky maidservant to the princess, who failed the test that might have given her a better life. Why would the princess have a special job for her, and what does it bode for her future?

Future Operations:

I have been working on several alternate storylines, but I haven't found one that I can pursue with the passion of The Wizard's Daughter. If I come up with anything else good, I'll post it here.

I might have mentioned this from time to time in my authors notes, I have a friend with whom I regularly wrote. Well, after a long break, we have started up writing together again. We began a new story, and have decided to post it on this site upon a separate shared profile. Please drop by and check it out. Just bear in mind that it is being post as we write it, so it is in raw form.
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