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Today is March 17, 2022

Hi Ink Drinkers,

My pen name used to be Sapphirefly and now I write as Stephanie Van Orman. FictionPress gets really mad whenever I try to insert a link, so you'll have to find me elsewhere.

I have my books for sale at bargain prices on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, DriveThru Fiction, KOBO, Smashwords, and Scribed.

I also have my books available on free websites like Inkitt, Quotev, Royal Road, and OBOOKO (but only the ones I let people read for free. Don't pirate my books).

If you can't find me on one of these sites, try typing 'Kiss of Tragedy' in the engine on those sites. Sometimes people have more success finding a specific book and once you find that, you can find the rest of my books easily.

Fictionpress won't let me have links on my profile to things like my website... which is INSANE. The only website it let me have a link to without causing a fuss was YouTube, so here is the link to my YouTube channel: My YouTube Channel I make trailers for my books and so it is quite lovely there. Go visit. You'll have fun.

Sweet, right?

If you want to find me, simply google the name Stephanie Van Orman. You'll get some results.

Today, I'm correcting my profile. The free novels will stay, but from now on, I will only post a sample of anything new because there are no readers here. If there were more readers here, I'd post more free novels here, but no readers means ONLY SAMPLES.

Information about my covers: Because the thumbnails for stories are so small, I've resorted to using smaller versions of my covers. They're still mine... just much smaller.

Thank you for reading!

Code Black by Kaytala reviews
In the midst of a nuclear war that threatens to wipe out the planet, a young girl and a young soldier try to find answers to save themselves. 1st person POV. Warning, kind of depressing.
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A Little Like Scarlett: A Partial Autobiography
A Little like Scarlett: A Partial Autobiography is my book about what my life was like when I was a teenager. It begins when I was 14 and ends when I was 19. Hence, it is non-fiction. Enjoy the scandals, the heartbreak, the triumph, and the humor. Read it all up!
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He told my father his name was Christian Henderson. He said he was 27. But how many names did he really have? How many faces? Even if he was the perfect liar - how could I stop from falling for him?
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Emi's cousin, Veda, didn't expect Salinger to fall for her so completely that he was willing to dive into an adventure with needles, crystal balls, spell books, magic circles, and the delicate curtain that separates this world from the next. Surely, she's too much trouble.
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Set in the deep future, Gage is a pilot transporting models for hire between the Jovian moons. He puts the girls in cryostasis for Sleeping Beauty Inc. He'd like to spend all his time asleep too as he's waiting for everyone he knows to die. All is well, until his favorite model, Iona, has a contract for him. He thought he'd never let anyone buy him again. Romance/Action/Adventure
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If I Tie U Down reviews
Shannon accidentally kidnapped the wrong man! She was supposed to kidnap music producer Carver Criche, but now she has Fletch Litman in handcuffs. He's a drummer with a diamond smile. What is she supposed to do with him now?
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Wyn did not want to live with Raif. He was a player. Wyn decides that the only way to keep him a reasonable distance away from her is to make him do an unreasonable task every time he wants to speak to her. Will she be happy if he doesn't do any of them? How will her life change if he does ALL of them?
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In the sequel to 'His 16th Face', Beth Coldwell could not be more in love with Christian Henderson. If only all the terrible things he warned her about hadn't come true. Now that she is part of his world, she is chained up in a castle on Tombstone Mountain with a steel ring through her ankle. She's alone, except for the visitors that plague her with questions and demands. Where
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The Blood that Flows
Would you rather die for love or kill for love? My sister lives her life looking through rose-colored glasses. It comes from looking at the world through blood... a vampire's gaze. It's a world where everyone wants to drink her blood like she's wine. How much can she give before she flows over? And how many people do I have to kill to make it stop?
Fiction: Horror - Rated: T - English - Horror/Mystery - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,169 - Published: 3/23/2022 - Complete
Flights of Fancy
This is an anthology of poetry. Love, distance, flushed face, carefree fingers, paths my feet found... all here as the words only make sense if one listens with their heart.
Poetry: Love - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 8 - Words: 1,674 - Published: 3/17/2022
Behind His Mask reviews
Evander is a complete mystery to Sarah until she's given a spell book he authored. Is he a tortured prince? A bloodthirsty jester? The owner of the haunted mansion or the man hired to drive the ghosts out? Only the book will tell.
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Kiss of Tragedy reviews
When he kissed her, she saw a vision... something distant from her reality. It was real, just beyond her grasp. If only she could piece together what it all meant before tragedy struck. If only she could drag her gaze from the fangs his lips kept secret to his eyes, which might tell her everything. Bone-chilling. Wildly romantic.
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You can't buy a girl! But in the year 2214, you can. She can whip you into shape, design a diet for you, be your personal stylist, and turn you from geek to chic in just one year. After buying a model at Sleeping Beauty Inc. your life will never be the same. But what will happen when the model Harrison buys isn't exactly what he bargained for?
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I've had it up to here with pants. And when I say 'here', I mean somewhere in between my hip bone and the fattest part of my butt.
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So, I can't play the organ. This is the story of how I got out of playing it . . . forever.
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