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Hola! Como estas?

If Silver Phantom 2 is too much of a mouthful for you, you can call me Silver, SP2, or simply Louis.

Chances are, if you're reading this, I know you in real life. I simply get tired of having to send you emails with attachments of a story, so you can simply find it here. Otherwise, if you've never met me before, I hope you enjoy my work.

I know you can see these at the bottom of the page here, but here's just a short listing of how all my stories came to be:

Title: (Date completed) How it came to be.

Pirates of Treasure Cove: Search for the Pearl Saber: (May 2007) Written for Faith Living Church's Vacation Bible Adventure in the summer of 2007. My friend and mentor Jaime McGrath not only assigned me to the project, but he edited the entire script. The month and a half adventure it took to write all five acts of these taught me a lot about writing that simply don't come from anywhere else.

A Warm Wind: (March 2008) This was my short story for a Creative Writing class I took Junior year. Worst class I ever took. The teacher simply sucked so much, I can't even describe it. She gave me something like a 70 on this. Please read this and tell me it's at least an 80.

The Illuminated One: (May 2008) Also for that creative writing class, we had some sort of play unit. The unit was bogus, but since I had plenty of experience writing FIVE act plays, I could certainly write a one-act one. Strangely enough, I received a 97 on this compared to the 70 for A Warm Wind.

A Winter in Providence: (December 2008) I was inspired by the minimum wage unit in my Sociology class to write this. That and I really needed to stretch my writing muscles since I wasn't writing much for a while (well I was... but that's a whole 'nother story.)

Orpheus and Jenna: (January 2009) A poem I wrote for Jillian. We're no longer dating, but we're good friends. And I don't really believe in taking back a work once it's been written for somebody already.

A History of Superheroes (1885-2000): (Work in Progress) I recently read Watchmen and memorized The Dark Knight. There are parts of both I would like to change. And then I thought, what if I took both stories, my altered versions, and combined them? The result? This story.

Drop me a line. My screename is SilverPhantom2. Paz y Amor.

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