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Hi! My real name isn't Erin Hill (not even close), but that's what you can call me.

I don't know if anyone has even looked at any of my stuff in years. To be honest, I don't think I've logged onto FictionPress for about four years. I'm now 21 and a rising college senior, and after two years of film school, several mediocre screenplays, realizing I didn't want to go into film, changing my major to politics, and making my way back to prose fiction, I won NaNoWriMo 2012 (and got a long-anticipated tattoo to celebrate!).

My NaNo is still a work in progress-- 60,000 words and it's only 50%-ish done.

The Special Relationship. A dutiful American diplomat. The hard-partying second son of the future king. What could possibly go wrong? Or, rather, what could possibly go right? Idea came to me last summer as I was watching the Diamond Jubilee and thought, "what happens if you drop a very political American into this?" Much more snarky and political than The Prince and Me.

Everything below is as of 2009, and quite frankly, as important as these stories were to me when I was 14-17, it is incredibly unlikely that any further work will be done on them.

Hey. I'm me. That's all you need to know.

Finished stories:

1. My Heart Will Go On. Kinda lame, but there you go. I wrote it when I was twelve and had just watched Titanic.

2. Go For It. Meh.

3. They Never Told Me. Civil War poetry. Written for English class in 10th grade. I'm rather fond of it. Read it if you feel like it. My poetry skills are nothing special.

Unfinished stories:

1. Remember the Titans. Hopefully will be updated soon. Don't count on anything. Chapter 2 has a few scenes written, but still needs a ton of work.

2. Diary of a Young Girl. Erika, sixteen years old, is dying. Everyone knows, and she tries to somehow make sense of the fact that her life is ending right when it should be beginning. Diary format. Came up with the idea three years ago, didn't start writing until NaNoWriMo 2008. Fell drastically short at NaNo, finishing Erika's story now.

Coming soon:

1. My Life as the Ultimate Teenaged Cliche OR The Seven Year Itch OR Some other title I haven't come up with yet. Susannah Kedron Wheeler has committed the ultimate teenaged sin. She's fallen for her twin brother's best friend. But it's not fair! He fell for her first!

My Civil War companion novels, Glory and Honor
1. Glory's Requiem. In 1861, Mary Jensen, 18, runs away from her Vermont farm to be a soldier for the Union. Will be rated M because I'm not going to water it down. Will be very gory. You are warned.
2. Honor's House Divided. Twin brothers, 18, from the new state of West Virginia join opposing sides. Their names are Jacob and Esau. Get it? And their little sister Lottie, who is brilliant and gorgeous and a typical heroine with a brain has to hold her broken family together.

The stories in the series will be connected. The events are the same (duh) and the characters will even cross paths every once in a while. Stay tuned.


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A dutiful American diplomat. The hard-partying second son of the future king. What could possibly go wrong? Or, rather, what could possibly go right? Far more snarky and political than "The Prince and Me." NaNoWriMo2012
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