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The Ello...
TSP Chapter 6 is up and waiting for your R&R!

The Me-Ness...
If you're actually reading this waves then perhaps you'd like to know a bit more about me, eh? My name is Rachel, you can call me that or refer to me by my pen name, AzureInk, I don't really mind which. =) I'm a girl -gasp- which you may have already figured out, from the U.S. I've been writing for a while, now, and it really is what I love to do... I mostly write Christian Fiction with a lot of adventure and a dash of romance here and there. I also adore writing poetry when I have to vent my anger (which explains why most of my poems are depressing!). Some of my favorite authors are Ted Dekker, Jeanne DuPrau, DJ MacHale, and Emakoke. I like to listen to Christian Contemporary music and draw manga!

The Current Bible Verse...
Psalms 7:15-16 "He who digs a hole and scoops it out falls into the pit he has made. The trouble he causes recoils on himself, his violence comes down on his own head."

The Stories...
I'm currently devoting most of my time to a few stories/series, they are these-

The Sakura Project
A crazy story that rocks. -Chuckles- It tells the story of a young boy, Aidan, who must challenge all odds in order to save his mother, the father he never knew, and (as a later consequence) an entire world of gamers who don't know the truth about their obsession--the virtual roleplaying game known as The Sakura Project...

The Mount Dawn Trilogy
Ahh... This story is as old as the dust bunnies beneath my bed. Okay, so maybe not that old. It's a series made up of three books (A Cyborg's Story, A Pirate's Story, and An Igaguri's Story) and I've been working on it since... Early 2005, I think... I've rewritten the first book, ACS, a few times and had no itention of it ever turning tinto a series. But, this is how it's turned out! I've finished the hand draft of APS and have not yet begun AIS... The plot is a little... weak, but I don't have the heart to give it up. XD The series is a Christian Adventure.

The Advice-ness...
The advice I have for fellow writers out there is this- TRY SOMETHING NEW! While you may not think you can write very good or that anything you try to write will cause reader's eyes to shrivel up, burn, and run away on a pogo stick- try anyway. The only way people improve is by trying and trying again, so keep on trying. =D

The Bye...

Soooo, this is my horrendous, long look-up page. o_o I hope your house isn't burning down because it took you so long to read this and you accidently left your stove on and the toothbrushes that you were boiling burst into flame. That would truly be sad, although... A good plot for a story! -Scribbles down idea-

Also, if you have time, I, Rachie, politely command you to go to Emakoke's page and R&R her spiffy stories. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

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When a young Aidan finally learns the story of his mother's past, it falls upon his shoulders to save her from everything he never knew existed. All that Aidan has feared has become reality in a world unlike anything he has ever known.
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Pirates and faith have never really gone together, but by a twist of fate a life long pirate, marooned after a storm, suddenly finds himself immersed in spirituality, strange new people and faces, and an adventure like nothing he has ever witnessed...
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The Ragdoll is centered around a doll, whose life isn't what she wishes it could be. Does she really want to fit into the 'barbie' mold, or will she discover that her life is amazing before it's too late?
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