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Massive (Three whole chapters, aren't you proud of me) update on "Meet the Motomiyas" now complete.. Unfortunately that means it's once again on the backburner.

"Destinies Bound" is finally back, now in Overite mode. Whoo hoo!

"It Was You" finally got an update. But don't excpect more soon - I'm getting guests over.


1) finally got an EV section. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am definately contributing, perhaps soon.

2) Did i mention Crono Trigger? i'll get around to it somewhere around 2007

3) I got Evangelion on the brain, but no solid ideas yet...

4) ... unfortunatley, this fic will not be published under this screen name. Look under "Books"

4+1/2) Xiao Xiao. mn... stick figures... wonder if it has a section yet...

5) All Your Base Are Belong To Us ... No, really, they ought to make a section for this... Oh, wait, there is a Zero Wing Section

6) More AAML (duh) Hey, it's what i do best...

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