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Hey there! Lia Star here! Here's a brief summary of all the stories that I have up here.

Dag And Adreyan:

This is a story about Dag Brooke and Adreyan Ray. Two guys seemingly totally different from each other, and yet the same in so many ways. Dag is a university student attending North Lake Centennial University. He comes from a rich background, and supposedly has everything he's ever wanted. Adreyan Ray is a collage dropout, and lead singer of the Fallen Angels. He has friends, and he seems happy enough. That is, until he meets Dag one night at a club his band is playing at. The two of them are swept up into a whirlwind of romance, with lots of action, mystery, and strife right up until the end. This story is complete.

A Love That Defies Reason:

What more can one want, than friends and a loving boyfriend? Well, Trey Marcus has the friends, and he soon finds himself with the loving boyfriend. Drake. But, everything isn't as it seems, as a new girl shows up after Drake and Trey meet. Sasha Rose. And, with Sasha, comes a wealth of experiences for Trey. Who knew that he would end up where he would? But, with his new life, comes new dangers. Will fate allow them to stay together in the face of all the odds presented to them? This story is in progress.

Twisted Romance:

A young man, Dante Castel, loves to cause pain, and is the main suspect in several bizarre murder cases. He meets someone who compliments him in every way, but there is a small problem. This man, Justin Penn, is one of the lead detectives responsible for trying to find out what Dante's part in the murders really include.

They first meet when Dante is brough in for questioning, and a spark ignites between them. At first, Dante takes his frustrations out on others, yet again adding more killings to the list that he's being accused of. But, upon finding out that Justin has a guilty secret, which, up until now he's kept hidden, Dante begins to ruthlessly pursue him, drawing him deeper into a world made, seemingly, just for them. This story is on hold for the moment.

Crystalline Tears:

Milara and Syron. Two outcasts, both for different reasons. Syronis a proud gay male, not afraid of the people who threaten him. He was beaten up by the school jocks when he was a pale, thin boy, and because of that fact, his parents sent him away to stay with his Grandparents for a while. But, when he returned for a new school year, he had totally changed. And, with the new height,and body structure, comes a new confidence.Milara is invisible. No one notices him. He slips through life unnoticed by most everyone, and that's the way that he wanted it. At least, until he spots the new and improved Syron. He'd noticed him before he'd moved, back when he was nobody. And he notices him now. But, what he didn't expect, was that Syron noticed him too. He is shocked when he is approached by Syron, and the two of them travel down a road filled with love, strife and constant taunts and hatred from their fellow students. But, even with the interference from their peers, will they be able to keep their relationship going strong, or will they cave in to the negative feelings pushed at them every day? This story is in progress.

The Elosian Halfbreed

Sinlayr Adams possess an exotic quality about him that leaves him estranged from his peers at Mount St. Matthew's High School. His entire life he has been ridiculed and teased, and yet, he still manages to maintain a good soul, never blaming those who hurt him for what they say. He has never before had a friend, and never before had a boyfriend. However, things become more interesting with the arrival of a new student, Xalier Frost. Not one to take things sitting down, his flair for attracting the "weird" ones of society comes into effect. He first meets Sinlayr on the last day of school before Christmas holidays, and things progress from there. This story is in progress.


Hey all! Well, I've decided to sell off my anime paintings!! The paintings were all completed by myself, and I want to sell them. So, below is a link that will take you to the pictures of my paintings! You can email me if you decide that you want a certain painting, and I will tell you what I'm asking for them. But, all prices are up to debate. So, please let me know if you have any questions!! So, here's the link!

Name Pronounciations

Some people have asked me how you pronounce some of the names that I use in my stories. I will post a special chapter to each of my stories that contain a list of characters that have or will be used, along with the pronounciations for their names. I hope that everyone finds this helpful. Thanks for letting me know about the topic! Hope that you enjoy reading!

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Yaoi An abused- suicidal 'mute' teen finds comfort in a sadistic, arrogant, gay, male stripper...but not without its consequences. Rape/self -mutilation/abuse/pedophilia...You know, the usual Currently in revision
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Passion Falls reviews
Jet is a high school "hero"; the captain of the high school basketball team. Roxen is ignored by the school population, not worthy of scorn. Torent is the outcast. What do three such different people have in common? Their dreams and love for each other.
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Sinlayr Adams. Exotic name, exotic appearance, and yet, no friends. He attends Mount St. Matthew's High School, but not once in his life has he had the pleasure of having a friend, or something more. Enter Xalier Frost, and things get interesting.
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A Love That Defies Reason reviews
When Trey met Drake at school, he never once expected to go through what he does when he gets close to the young goth. However, even against all odds, they will try to prevail, and their love will win wars.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 30 - Words: 72,031 - Reviews: 435 - Favs: 140 - Follows: 43 - Updated: 1/7/2008 - Published: 1/3/2005
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Dante Castel, a young, wealthy man who is the main suspect in several ongoing murder cases. Detective Justin Penn, lead detective in charge of the cases. Causing pain arouses Dante. Justin intrigues him and falls for Dante. On Hold for the time being.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 7,726 - Reviews: 31 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 11/23/2006 - Published: 5/12/2005
Crystalline Tears reviews
For a boy who is content to remain invisible to the world, wanting to be seen is something big. And yet, the fear of being seen is almost too great to ignore. And when the boy he's half in love with notices him, can he even hope that good will come of it?
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I never once thought that it could happen to me...I mean, who ever does. And that's what we continue to believe...until it actually does happen to us. Rape. I never noticed before now, how ugly that word is.
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In North Lake, California, two guys find true love with each other. One, an aspiring Goth Rock star, the other, a wealthy University student. Circumstances bring them together, but will fate allow them to stay that way? Finished
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They roam the street at night. They are night walkers. Beings of the night.
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This is written about my mom's boyfriend
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contemplative poem
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