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Ugh. Summer classes. And that's all I can say lol.

I am currently working on something completely random that I don't feel at liberty to discuss just yet. Maybe once it's done. Hopefully. This is why I haven't updated in...years tee hee. But it's going. And I'm obsessing over it, something that I've noticed I stop doing once I've posted. Which is why I'm playing this one close.

CW: Alive and kicking. I've just been wrestling with a few major details that have me stuck.And I AM trying to work through them, although at this point it may just be better to rework it completely. In a nutshell: I know where it's going, I just don't know how to get it there. Which is a problem.

LP: Currently on the furthest back of the backburners, but it is still alive. I promise!

FS: Ummm...yeah. This one is dying, if it's not already dead. Although I am trying to breathe new life into it.

UF: This is DEAD. Literally. It's crap, I know. It's just on here to boost my review count, and therefore my ego. If you feel like reading the stuff that needs desperately to be fixed, read...and review of course! If you don't...then read CW. It's my baby right now...

Under Fire
Rebeka McCail has a past that no person in their right mind would want. She was, thankfully, rescued from it, but not before getting serious scars - both mental and physical. She has shed the skin that she had formed over those years. However, one man from those dark times still has the power to break Rebeka. And unless Rebeka does something soon, he will.

Free Spirit
Fomalara Qual Olerne, aka Fomal, is part of a race commonly called the Free Spirits. This race can change their forms into whatever animal they can think up, whether seen or not. Their mortal enemies, the Hunters, can detect a Free Spirit from a great distance. Neither can find the other's homeland, and anyone that ventures close enough without safe passage is killed. After being captured, tortured, and brainwashed by her half brother Keel and the other Hunters, Fomal reunited with her friends and sets herself on a mission to find out why her government is suddenly corrupt, and why everyone around her treats her as a traitor instead of the hero she will become.

Lundaaran Pride
Kithaeme, Princess of the not-so-mythical Lundaarans, is launched from her home and directly into the laps of waiting Earthlings. The Earth government immediately begins tests on her (and fighting for her to stay on Earth soil), trying to find the secret to Kithaeme's hidden power, and that of the home Kithaeme so misses. But when they do, they might not like what they find...

And the newest one that I'm posting at this point...

Cyborg War
Cyborg Captain Krystyna was genetically enhanced by the Empire to further the Empire's standing in the war. When she was rejected at a young age, the IPF, or Inter-Planetary Federation, stepped in and took her as one of their soldiers. Now, at what some would call the tender age of twenty-two, a new threat from hostile beings in what had supposedly been unexplored space forces all of the warring people on Earth to band together...In what could possibly be the battle for their planet.

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