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Thanx for reading. I hope to hav new stuff soon, it all depends on how fast I can type! Well, patience is a virtue _~


um, ok. I'm a 14 yr old female from NY. Obviously, i like to write, why else would I be here? Also, i like to play Soccer. I play the flute and i like to sing. ok, that's about it, my life is pretty boring.

KG- Hello all of you wonderful people who are bored enough to read my bio! Hey, disembodied whatever you are,say hello to alll the wonderful readers!!!

AE- Hi., I'm the alternate ego, aren't i specialfull

KG-IS specialfull actually a word? And what am i supposed to call you anyway? i can't just keep on calling you disembodied entity that is my alternate ego, i mean that's just too long

AE- my name is-- um... hold on, let me think

KG: you forgot your own name-.-; wow.

AE- OH yeah! I remember now. Chester E Williamson III

KG- wow that's a relatively cool and important sounding name, too bad you arent in politics or anything

CW- how do you know? * hides swecret message to acorn*

KG- TRAITOR!!! * lunges at CW*

CW: um, bye *runs away*


"- this site rocks and has some REALLY cool stuff; Eragon by Christopher Paolini; Harry Potter by JK Rowling ( HBP is said to be being released in July 2005); Sword of the Rightful King by Jane Yolen: http://www.fictionpress.com/~koalainglasses
click here and you'll see what I mean by a WONDERFULL site (LOL ^_^) http://www.fictionpress.com/profile.php?userid=447474 ok this actually is a wonderfull site w/ wonderfull stuff on it by a wonderfull person (ok, yes i do know that I'm being a little extreme, but it's my best friend for crying out loud, and for any of you who are readin that stuff already, all i say is, "ha ha i know what's going to happen' lol) oh and then there's this one- http:///bothering.htmlok there's no fics here, but it's still really funny ok that's all ive got for now, there'll proabably be more soon, i've proabably forgotten a lot of stuff.


I"M WATCHING YOU: 12 chapters, COMPLETE Tina begins to get these strange messages from an unknown person. What happens as her life begins to fall out from under her and this person is all she has left?

Out of Place: 2 chapters RE WRITTEN!!! Bret has life in NYC, bret screws up life in NYC, bret invades Mary's life in small town alabama- chaos ensues.

The Twisted Tale of the Tallahasse Tornado: One-shot: Written for a science class assignment, Shannon is a first time tornado chaser thrown into an F4 tornado.

Leave me Alone: poem: I wrote this after recieving the news of my grandfather's death.Dedicated to my Grampa, and everything he did. I love you

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Out Of Place reviews
Bret and Mary are complete opposits. Bret is sent to live with Mary in her small town after screwing up in NYC, and minor chaos ensues. who knows, maybe opposits really do attract.
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um, self explanitory
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