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Hey, I'm the writer formally known as Ann Elizabeth. I've looked through the stories that I've written and decided to give being a writer a try. Of course, I already had, because writing is true to the I decided to post my works and get some second opinions. When you're close to your writing, it helps to have someone reviewing.

All Is Fair is a little "short novel" that I cooked up somewhere in between writing Home and Dragon Eyes. I don't, as of yet, know how long it will be and I don't know how far it will go...but what I have seems pretty interesting, we'll see if you like it. The chapters are shorter that I would originally have them...but like I said, it's a short.
Dragon Eyes is a new creation of mine. It was intended for National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) but I didn't get finished in time, so here it is, I hope it's enjoyable.
Dream Boys and Pretty Dresses, is a story that my friend, D L Dzioba and I started together. With two minds thinking alike, we glued our peices together to give you a story.
Home, is a story I started writing a year ago. I found it, read over it, and decided that it wasn't half bad. It's about finding a home in the people around you and cherishing those things that make your heart feel like home.

There are various other works that I'll post, such as poems, little short stories, etc. I'm not a big poet as far as stanzas go, so most of my poems are from class assignments. I hope you enjoy them anyway. As you can see, I love starting stories but never finishing...aye me, thus is a writer's flaw, but...still...I'll finish one oneday. And until I do, it's a race to see which one haha.

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Dragon Eyes reviews
Analise plunges head first into a man's choice! She must now decide who is friend, who is foe, and where her heart lies.
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All Is Fair reviews
Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, we see it all the time. Boy loves God, girl loves God...will they make it? Both Ariana and Sam struggle in their hearts, coming back to a Heavenly Father with their life and their love. Rated for romantic ideals.
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Samantha York strives to find her home in independance. But trough dreams and desperationcan she find that home in the arms of love?
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Teen life is tough, but it helps to have someone by your side. Look into the life of two girls as they cling to God and their friendship to get through high school.
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A love poem of my own based on the great works of Marlowe and Raleigh
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