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tHiS w0uLd Be My Pr0fIlE *

:x: MeH nAmE -- kali

:x: CaNdLeS -- thirteen

:x: RePpIn -- Ny, babezz

:x:LuVaBiLiTy -- involved

:x: BuGaBoo -- wouldn't ya love to know...

:x:LoCaLz -- shari, aly,amanda, laila, mona, angie, anna, maria, laura,jess, alexa, pablo, gabriel, marlon, phil, kevin, cynthia, kristin, amanda mc, sarah, anthony, johny, gilberto, marc, carisma, d-dawg 3

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Why- Jadakiss

Sidewalks- Story of the Year

Blo My Whistle- Utada Hikaru

California- Phantem Planet

Breathe- Fabolous

Oye Mi Canto *remix*- NORE, Nina Sky, Big Nato, Gem Star, Daddy Yankee, SBK, Alive

Dreaming of You- Selena

Thirteen the movie

Maria Full of Grace the movie

HOLES the book

Silent Night the book

Onegai! Teacher the manga

Love Hina the manga

Dot Hack the manga


¡!¡Born in Cali, moved to Ny as a child!¡!

¡!¡My dadwas born and raised inMexico!¡!

¡!¡My moms side came from Italia!¡!

¡!¡My aunt was born and raised in Jamiaca!¡!

!...0vEr AnD oUt...!

thanks for visitin my profile yawlz. now go and read some of my writings. also look at my website. heh...anyways, keep awn reppin.

...c0RaZoN... n0 pUeDo DeJaR dE pEnSaR eN tI... c0m0 tE nEcEsIt0... mI aMoR, c0m0 tE eXtRaNo... --RiP sElEnA, gReAtEsT tIjUaNo SiNgEr --

...rEsTo NeLlA pAcE pEr SeMpRe JoHn GoTtI...

...La GrAnDiNe MaRy, ReGiNa SaNtA... dIo Di El0gIo, Il CrEaToRe... GrAzIe PeR dArMi La ViTa...

...iF y0u Pr0uD 2 bE lAtIn0 rItE n0w... ¡!¡StAnD tHe FvCk UpPp!¡!

HoLlYw0oD* iZ a PlAcE wHuRr ThEyLl PaY y0u A tHoUzAnD$ 4 a KiSs, AnD fIfTy CeNtZ 4 y0uR s0uL* -MaRiLyN m0nRoE-

ImPeRfEcTi0n* Is InHeRiTeD, tHeReFoRe We AlL sIn, BuT fIgHtInG tHe WaR oF SiN* iZ tHe GrEaTeSt WaR oF aLl BeCuZ wE aLl DiE* iN tHe EnD* n0 mAtTeR h0w HaRd We FiGhT* -TuPaC-

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