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I have started posting my newest Bright Isle story, The Prince of White Shores. Sorry it took me so long!

BTW, to all you fly-by-night people/publishers who keep sending me messages about buying the copyrights to my books: The answer is an UNEQUIVOCAL NO, so quit asking!

And for all you unscrupulous folks who like stealing other people's work and selling it as your own, be warned. I have copyrighted all of my works with the US Copyright Office, so I have the weight of US copyright law behind me if you steal from me again.

General Profile Stuff:

I have always enjoyed writing but have never had the good fortune to make a full-time career out of it. I have also been too lazy to go through the arduous process of trying to become a published author. So although I have been writing short stories and a few novella-length stories for years, I never published anything. And now the Internet has caught up with me and allowed me an outlet for my creative passion that costs me nothing but a little effort. I love the modern age!

I started out posting mostly fan fiction on-line because my oldest daughter (her nickname is Riyo) got me started writing anime fan fiction. I still write a lot of fan fiction, but these days I probably write more original fiction than fan fiction. I post my really naughty original fiction on mediaminer dot org, which accepts X-rated stories. (They seem to have fallen apart recently, but I think you can still get to the stories.) Most of my original fiction stories are fantasies, so you will find the majority of my stories in that category. But there are a few modern and sci-fi stories thrown in for good measure.

If you want to find anything I've written on other sites, or have published for sale, I use the same penname everywhere I'm registered. Google seems to know all about me.


p.s. I periodically re-read my completed stories (because if you don't like your own writing, why post it?) and if I find typos or other mistakes, I will post corrections to the chapters. So if you see chapters in one of my completed stories being updated, that's why.

p.p.s I want to add one thing about how I rate my stories. If I rate a story T (teen), that means readers 17 and under can show their parents what they are reading without worrying too much about what their parents might think. If I rate a story M (mature), that means readers 17 and under might want to evaluate their relationship with their parents before letting them see what they're reading. My warnings will always tell you why I consider the story to be for mature readers. I don't want to get my teen readers in trouble!

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The Prince of White Shores reviews
As the end of Vincent's fourth year approaches, Vincent and Geran are closer than ever. The kingdom is prosperous and Edouard is popular, but he still has enemies and now he must plan for Antonio's future, while Antonio dreams of having the kind of love Edouard and Kieran share. And on Bright Isle, Asita worries about a resurgence of strife between noble and common-born wizards.
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King Edouard, his lover Kieran and Queen Celli have formed a happy family with their three children, Antonio, Lida and Vincent. Now twelve years old, the triplets have thrived under their parents' affectionate upbringing. But Vincent and his siblings are hiding a terrible secret which threatens to destroy the royal family's comfortable life. Sequel to The Queen of White Shores.
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A young man risks his life to save a magical creature and discovers he has the gift to become a wizard. Thrust into a world of magic, politics and intrigue, he finds himself caught up in the struggle for control of a kingdom.
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Edouard and Kieran have been lovers for four years, but now politics and Edouard's obligations threaten their happiness. With young noblewomen vying to become queen and a new problem on Bright Isle, Edouard and Kieran must struggle to stay together.
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A kingdom fights a brutal, neverending war with its neighbor. The king’s nephew serves on the front lines, but his love affair with the son of a minor nobleman causes him to question the war and his loyalty, ultimately leading to a showdown with the king.
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