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~ Updates ~

Unrealistic Hope - Chapter 3 posted. (This is What's Only In Dream's new name.)

Hapless Heroine chapter 1 posted and updated.

Thank God We're Alive proudly posted!

Love, Love - Posted the first chapter! This will be my current work. I want to finish it by Christmas!

~ Stories ~

Unrealistic Hope (What's Only In Dreams) - W.I.P.

Hapless Heroine - W.I.P.

Love, Love - W.I.P. I hope to finish this one by Christmas.

Cooties - On hold..kinda.

~ Poems ~

Baby I won't leave you. Umm, it's okay, it was just after my ex and I broke up so I was feeling blah.

Thank God We're Alive I love this poem. It's something that was inspired by metal and being angry in general. I'm most proud of it.

133 Edited and reposted. A short story turned poem that's been running around in my head for a few days.

Blind Grace A poem I'm only semi-proud of. It was running around in my mind until I finally wrote it down. It's about me accepting and dealing with myself.

Angel Hahaha. Not even worth mentioning; it's kind of cute and it's only about me wishing to find the words to confess my feelings for someone.

Sweet Dreams You Shouldn't Believe I only like certain elements of this one. It's not bad, I guess.

First Thoughts of Wonder NEW I'm really proud of this poem! I think it's sweet, I hope if you read nothing else on my page that you do read this one.

About me!

My name is Ellen, I'm 18 years old and I'm finally admitting to myself that I do in fact like girls. I love music, and I'm tired most of the time. I'm very, very, short and it's ruined my slight dream of becoming a model.. 4'10 doesn't exactly cut it. However! If I wanted to be a jockey, I'm the perfect height and weight.

My favorite animal has to be a cat, or a tiger something of that nature. Birds, however, are a very close second!

I have two cats of my own, a bunny rabbit, and two hermit crabs.

Cats - Berkly and Kai Bo

Bunny - Ryo

Hermit Crabs - Sebastian and Periwinkle

I love writing. I've kept a journal since '05 and I'm pretty proud about that. Sometimes I get a big headache, and the only way to get rid of it seems to be writing my thoughts so I don't have to think about them over and over.

Aside from music, I love anime and manga.

AIM : niichanislove

...or MSN

MSN : no.ellen@

~Important stuff.~

Healthy again! Bring on the inspiration, holiday season!

I LOST my one shot Kokoa, so I'll probably be making a new one shot to fix it. Also, I lost chapters 1+2 of Cooties, but that's okay I can just rewrite those somehow. I'll probably make it a little more clear, too.


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But most of all.. reviewers!

Ooh, and quizes.. I think I said that. Quizes are good.


Homophobes, rap music, country music, annoying people.

~Favorite ..~

Anime? Ah.. Berserk.. Hellsing, Sailor Moon, Kaleido Star, Gravitation, Fake. @_@;

Manga? .. Gravitation, Fake, Decendants of Darkness.

Food? Goldfish. Pizzah, cherry cheese cake.

Candy? Roadkill. Haha.

Book? Eragon.

Soda? Pepsi

~Some Manga I love.~

Gravitation, Only The Ring Finger Knows, Fake, Wish, Paradise Kiss, Forbidden Dance, Mars, Demon Diary, Princess Ai, Kill me Kiss me, DN Angel, Prince of Tennis, Until the full moon, Shutterbox, Model, Eerie Queerie, Samurai Deeper KYO, Suki, Fruits Basket, Ororon, Get Backers, Death Note, Boy Princess

~Some Anime I love.~

Sailor Moon, Kaleido Star, Hellsing, Lain, Berserk, Marmalade Boy, Orphen, Fake, Gravitation, Excel Saga, GTO, His and Her Circumstances, Orphen Season Two, Love Hina, Case Closed, Get Backers, Death Note

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