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Guess who's back? Two years later...

Name: Ashley

Description: I dunno. Short? What am I supposed to put here, my full name, address, and phone number? .. Don't answer that.

Story Descriptions:

Dom's Love - Based off of my quizilla stories, which I have yet to finish. Er.. They get all hot and steamy at the end, hahahaha. It's pretty much about this guy in the future who had morphed into a demon through chemicals, and he goes into the past and falls in love with this girl. To prevent her death, he kidnaps her. How loving, right? (I wish someone would do that for ME. ;p) But yeah, I'm not giving the rest away.

-- This story WILL be continued in the future, when I get to it.

Only Human - It's about a girl who is sort of unsure of herself, but is certain that the other 90 of her brain is giving her some sort of crazy ability. It's actually based off of my story "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," which I'm going to try to eventually get published. No, I didn't take the name from the crappy song. I got the title from a painting at my dentist's office.. Long before the song was popular. That story was created from a series of dreams I've had, and I don't want to get into that because you'll all think I'm crazy. I'll only show what I have to anyone I uberly like, so if you think I hate you or don't talk to you often, don't ask to see it. It's my baby and these stories are my lab rats. I need some inspiration. :P

Boulevard of Moonlit Dreams (title subject to change) - I'm bringing in the big guns, the nearly finished pieces. No more lab rats.

Imagine the world we live in. The heartless media. Thousand calorie sandwiches. Women who wear pounds of makeup that probably cause them cancer. Binge drinkers. Airbrushing. Too-thin models and superficial love interests. Wouldn't you love to stop most of it? Think it could never happen? Think again. Now, think of everything you love and take for granted. Makeup. Family. A home. The Internet. Bottled water. What if the only way to rid of the evils in the world is to rid of everything that's ever existed at all? The Greens do it. Millions of people in countries all over the world overthrow their governments and destroy the world as we know it in ways that no one has ever witnessed. The only one who can stop this mayhem from continuing is Emily, the sixteen year-old appointed leader of the opposing side. In our world, we would consider her a God, but in the near future... She's just pounding out some electrons to get her old life back, and to get rid of what makes her and the world so special suddenly...

Finally, ask yourself one more question. What if none of this is our fault, but rather, is the fault of a more intelligent race using us as lab rats in a highly dark, yet amusing experiment?

Chapters will be posted soon, and from there on, once a week. Enjoy!

Only Human reviews
I can see things. I know things before they happen. I'm almost positive that this guy I see does, too. But, I'm only human, right?
Fiction: Western - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,487 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 1 - Updated: 6/12/2005 - Published: 5/6/2005