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Hello fellow writers! My name is Nicole but alot of my friends call me Nikki. My life is pretty kool, as far as i'm concerned, and i absolutely love reading and writing. I plan to go to Oxford University in England, and major in English Lit. I think i'm pretty good at writing, and i tend to be stronger writing poems than stories, but i'll probably post atleast two stories. Well plez R&R my poems, and i'll be sure to review some of yours! Thanks alot, and keep writing!

Age: 13

Birthday: June 10, 1991 the BEST day in the world!!

Hometown: The oh so lovely state of Virginia in the USA. NOT! this state is sooo boring. i can't wait until i grow up so i can move to England!

Occupation: student (8th grade)

Hobbies: Reading, writing, playing my violin (omg i love that), talking (haha), chillin with my friends, cheerleading at school, jamming to music...really loud, and just being in motion! I can never stay still!

Dislikes: drama-queens, popular (the stuck-up kind) people, bugs (ewwww), Haikus (i can never write one right!), people who lie to your face and think they can get away with it, and people who act more superior than others.

Fave Authors: Philip Pullman, J.K. Rowling, Christopher Paolini, J.R.R. Tolkien, Ann Brashares, Garth Nix, Lemony Snicket, Willo Davis Roberts, and basically anyone that writes fantasy or mystery stories!

Fave Bands: Linkin Park, Evanescence, Maroon 5, Avril Lavigne, Switchfoot, Vanessa Carlton, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, The Killers, The Strokes, Snow Patrol, Crossfade, Destiny's Child, Eminem, and there are probly more but I can't think straight right now. lol. But as you can see, i'm more into the Rock/Punk/Alternative Era these days. I really enjoy Hip-Hop too, but i'm not really a fan of Rap. The only rapper i usually listen to is Eminem.

Fave Songs: Well...umm...i'm not exactly too sure why I have this category in the first place, because I am currently obsessed with a numerous amount of songs! Haha. But, all the bands that I have written up top, make awesome songs so I guess you can just check them out.

Fave Animals: White harp seals and dolphins (gotta love 'em!)

Fave Season: Spring, regardless of the fact that my allergies really kick in. lol. I also really like Fall too.

Odd things I enjoy: That smell after it rains, waking up to a summer breeze through my window, hugs, talking...alot, just sitting and thinking, the ability to dream, flirting, classical music, sitting with my kness up in a chair, not too bright sunshine, stars, the darkness at around like 1:00 a.m., breathing, daydreaming, blinking, dancing outrageously, the enitire concept of astronomy, laughing until I feel lightheaded, laughing in general, feeling loved, having the greatest of friends who are all like my family, the words "dreamer, wish, and ballet" (iono they just sound nice), British/Italian/French/Spanish accents, and when people make me really really mad: fussing them out in my head :)

Before I die I wanna: See the Aurora, write an award-winning book, travel the world, meet a famous person (doesn't matter who), go to a club and dance with a random cute guy, get a hangover at that same club and dance on the bar with my friends (lol), skydive, scuba dive, swim with dolphins, ride the tallest roller coaster, and get poems and books reviewed by the New York Times.

Info on my writing: I tend to usually just write how i feel. I let my thoughts do all the talking in my poems. I really enjoy writing angsty or romance poems though, so you'll probably see more of those than anything else.

Info on my pen-name: Alot of times in my life, it seems like nobody is listening to me. I call myself BeautifulEcho, because my poems are kind of like an echo of my thoughts. When people read them, i want them to keep them in their minds; kind of like an echo. I call it beautiful, because i really do hope that's what my poems are.

Attention Reviewers!: This is a REALLY special thank you to each and every single person who has reviewed one of my poems! You all truly don't know what it means to me to know what other people think. Most of the time, I could care less about what other people think of me, lol, but not when it comes to my writing! I used to really despise criticism, but i'm learning to break that habit and use criticism for my benefits. Thanks again, and if you have read a poem of mine and I haven't reviewed anything of yours, please email me and i'll be sure too! :)

Info about AIM: If you have an AIM screename and are interested in talking to me about writing or anything else, feel free to IM me sometime! My screename is MiZzNikki610, as shown above. Just be sure to tell me your pen-name on FictionPress, so i'll know who you are!

Fave Quote:
"Dance like no one's watching, Sing like no one's listening, Live like there is no tomorrow"

Well, besides all those facts i think i'm an all-around good person! I have five of the best-friends a teenager could ever have! Briana, Sarah, Alicia (my twin sister), Abby, and Raychel!


Important Notice:

(As of March 5, 2005)

Hey everyone! I know I haven't reviewed back to anyone in a long while, and that's because my computer was really screwed up for like a month. I'll be getting a new one shortly, and then I will have to make a new PenName and upload all of my poems onto my new account. Not sure how long it will take seeing as how i'm a little slow :) lol. But I promise that when I do get my new computer, I will review back for everyone who has reviewed for me!

Thanx so much!


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